Pepe Le Potter – Paint Your Own Pottery in Hurst

There is an awesome paint your own pottery shop in Hurst called Pepe Le Potter. Have you ever been there? If not, add them to your list of upcoming outings and fun activities in the metroplex. I recently took my five boys ranging in age from 2 yrs to 12 yrs and we did not break a thing!

She Is Dallas info:   Pepe Le Potter is located at 678 Grapevine Hwy., Hurst, Texas   76054. You can reach them via phone at 817.605.1700. They are open Tuesday- Saturday, with projects for everyone. All of their fees are flat-rate, meaning you simply pay the cost of the piece you want to paint. The cost includes paint and firing and there are absolutely no studio fees.   Aside from walk in pottery painting, they offer birthday party packages, date night for parents, toddler time activities and other fun events throughout the year. Visit Pepe Le Potter online or follow Pepe Le Potter on Facebook.

The process is really fun and very simple. My boys and I just walked in one Thursday afternoon.   No appointment needed.

The variety of pieces to choose from were endless with walls of ceramics. It was very easy for me to identify a price range that I wanted them to stick to.

It did not take long for each of them to pick their piece to paint.

Once we picked our piece, it was time to select paint colors. The kind ladies helped my boys choose their colors and showed them what each color would look like once it is fired. (Colors look every different before and after firing.)

Pepe Le Potter gave us all the materials we would need to complete out projects. All of the boys sat at the table working busily. As they needed more paint, Pepe was there to help.

Matthew’s (2) attention span was short. Once he was done helping me sponge paint a picture holder he wanted to roam. I must say I quickly became concerned about all the breakables within his reach. No worries, there is a play area perfect for pint size clients.

Pepe assured me that the majority of their clients are children. The facility is certainly geared around little ones of all sizes.

Once all of the pieces were painted, Pepe gathered them up and prepared them to be fired. The firing process takes some time, so they give you a scheduled date to come back and pick up your completed pieces.

A few days later our pieces were ready for pick up.

We gave them to Daddy as a gift.

Nicky (5)   painted a pirate of sorts.

Luke (5) created a crackled looking shark .

We had so much fun.

Looking for something to do this week(end)? Swing by Pepe Le Potters. Check out their gallery of fun things you can paint for any occasion.

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