slices of (sea) life

We have been on an adventure this week.

These photos are taken at Sea Life at LegoLand California and at the Long Beach Aquarium…two aquariums in one day.

And yes, there will be many, many, many Legoland photos to come…*hold your breath now*.


  1. What beautiful shots! Love all of the vivid colors.

  2. Wow, those are incredibly gorgeous photos!

  3. Beautiful Photos! We love Legoland and the Sealife Aquarium! I really need to take our Daughter up to Long Beach Aquarium. I always forget it’s there!

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I forget how much I love aquariums until I see the adventures of others when they go 🙂

  5. Our family LOVES Legoland. It’s the place our oldest (now a tween) rode her first ride by herself — cute Lego horses in the medieval section. I’m looking forward to taking my toddler next time we visit family on the West Coast.

  6. Don’t make the tank too clean though! Ever seen a spkirang river full of fish ? There’s lots of beneficial things living in the sand and on rocks if you wash/clean it all away you can get even more problems.If you can’t see the fish for the algae though you definately need to clean it lol

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