Dressing appropriately is the luck of the draw…

Ever since Fussy started Fight the Frump Fridays, Fridays have been fabulous (the after pictures of last week’s beauty alteration are posted here and please notice I am wearing earrings by Fussy!). Hmmmm…coincidence or Fussy’s own take on The Secret?. I don’t know, but I am just living the dream. Here is what is on the Nirvana schedule today:

5:30–3 boys wake up
6:30–3 boys are ALLOWED out of bed
9:00–grandma comes over (Yeah!)
9:30–1st grader goes to school, grandma stays with 4 y/o because….
2 y/o and mommy go to play date with blog-goddess and fellow Texas dweller Anglophile Football Fanatic

I know! Pretty exciting. Almost takes the sting out of the whole 5:30 three boys wake up thing. Yep, now for the real question that has brought about this post…

What am I going to wear? I have never met her in person so I would like to come across friendly without a hint of stalker. I would like to appear capable but not overdone. I would like to look current without being too-trendy. AND I would like to pull this off out of my current wardrobe because going early to the mall, buying something and changing in the minivan doesn’t fit into my schedule (and is a little creepy). The challenge escalates because we both recently threw out 1/2 our wardrobes and haven’t been to the mall since that time.

I have been addicted to What Not to Wear, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, Oprah’s make-over extravaganzas and pretty much any reality show with a big reveal. One of the things these shows have in common is they talk about mixing and matching, but don’t address core wardrobe. Tim Gunn has his essential list, but I find for me in mommy-mode it is quite a bit more dressed up then I am willing to maintain on a daily basis. I have lived 38 years without a little black dress *gasp* and figure my money is better spent on something I would use weekly.

So, I am in the testing stages of rolling out “Holly’s slot machine wardrobe system”. Fancy, eh? Classy too! Think of your basics as the three rows on a slot machine. The top row would be tops, the middle row bottoms and the bottom row shoes. At the minimum you would need 3 in each row, but eventually you may want the top row to have a few more choices. If you think of the rows when you are shopping you will find yourself choosing things that coordinate with your existing wardrobe. My choice has been to keep the bottoms neutral in color and use more pattern and color in the tops and the shoes. This allows for more different combinations of the same key pieces. I find that my bottom row expands at a much faster speed because of the ease of trying on shoes vs. actual clothes with 3 boys at the mall, but by using the slot machine system I can help keep my shopping in check. The slot machine would be just core pieces. Accessories, coats and other things don’t appear. Testing phase people! If this takes off, future Frump posts may include “accessory roulette” or “outer wear blackjack”.

These are my mommy play date slot machine choices…Let’s give it a whirl:
Let’s pick a winner…

What is the winning combination today? Simple. Whatever is clean.


  1. It is always so fun to meet someone you have only corresponded with online. We know you will look gorgeous and cool, no matter the outfit.

    And you may have to patent that Holly’s Slot Machine Wardrobe System. It is impressive.

  2. anglophilefootballfanatic says:

    This is great!! Cause now I know how to dress myself based on your choices. I admit feeling like this is a blind date, too!

    But, I must admit, you are far trendier than I am. I might have to change in the mall bathroom!

    Okay, peruse the shoe options…no tennies with mommy jeans for me today. Must squelch rolls of fat into spanx to get into better options.

  3. I am so envious!! It’ll only take me 6 hours to get there. So,um.. okay, never mind.

    Love the slot machine idea, that’s too cute! All those outfits look adorable! I expect to see pictures of you two adorable girls!!

    I don’t own a little black dress either, so there 🙂

  4. Since it is a play date and you are going to be chasing 2 yr olds, I would pick from left to right options 1, 1, and 4. They were all pretty cute though.

  5. Happy Campers says:

    You are plain ole’ hillarious, girl! No matter what, you always look adorable…I never underdtand how you’re pulled together with 3 boys to chase!

    You can’t go wrong with any of your choices 😉

  6. Oh how fun–you should have invited us and we could share the chicken pox because it’s what every mommy wants to deal with 😉
    I love all the clothes but I’ll for with shirt #1, bottom #3 and shoes #4.
    have fun!!!!

  7. jennifer h says:

    Love your shot machine idea. Very funny stuff. I’m on the edge of my seat for outer wear blackjack. Hit me!

    My picks are (pulls handle) Top #1 or 2, jeans #3, and shoes #4.

    How’d I do?

    Have fun.

  8. fullheartandhands mama says:

    They are all good. I love that idea. I’m all for keeping my wardrobe simple.

    No black dress here either.

  9. How adorable are you mommies!! All of them work together – you done good. Clean first then comfy second…you’re meeting a girl, you see. If it were a boy – comfy. Not so much. Have a blast!!

  10. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    I vote for the far right.

  11. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    Yikes! I just read what I wrote. I would never do that. I mean I like the whole #4 outfit. GAWD! I scared myself.

  12. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    Do you have any idea how jealous I am? Please, lick AFF for me. Just once.

    Oh, and I like the red shirt with jeans and black ballet shoe thingies.

  13. I thought I was the only one who photo’d my clothes like that!

  14. Every night, my manly hubby lays out what he’s going to wear the next day. Is that not the cutest thing?
    I like shirt 1, pants 1 or 3, shoes 3.

  15. I took notes on that Oprah episode. I have the black dress (doesn’t fit–yet–I have hope), but no white jeans. Yikes.

    Your outfits are way too cute!!! I don’t think you can go wrong! They all look comfy and fashionable (and they don’t look like you are trying too hard). Have a blast!

  16. I love the concept! And all of your top choices and shoe choices are cute so you should look great – no matter what happens to be clean!

  17. You will be fine in any of those – I will say that shirts with pockets on my boobs are a BIG no-no for me – I would only wear that with something under it – more as a jacket – but other than that rock on. Let us see what you choose – maybe an actual picture of you??

    Oh – and those crocs are ADORABLE!

  18. I like the spot machine idea – Let me know when you get it built – I want on the waiting list now! LOL!
    I could do a play date, too – except this stupid work thing is always gettin’ in the way. UGH

    Re: your comment – I love how everyone so far thinks I’m tricky and clever instead of pointing out that I cheated! LOL. Thanks for coming by.

  19. Brilliant! Now: you must build the machine. And it will house these duds flat and wrinkle free too, right? Because right now, the contents of my slot machine are in a pile on my basement floor. This is how we roll…..

  20. Domestic Accident says:

    I’m jealous of your cute shoes. Just putting that out there.

  21. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Where are the Jesus Sandals? Too cold for them?

    The croc thingies are cute. Much better than the original croc. Much.

  22. OMG, you have THAT MANY clothes??? *sigh*

  23. Very cute outfits!!

    I love all the combo’s but LOVE the shoes!!

    Those shoes RULE!!

  24. Cute clothes! Number 1 is my favorite.

  25. Mackenzies Momma says:

    so since it is now 11:49 pm I am curious what did you end up wearing(my internet has been on the fritz all day).

    I must say out of the slot machine personally I’d pair:

    Top 1 with Bottom 4, and Shoe 3.

    Than again that’s just me, who is sitting here in a tank top and grey sweats on the back porch at midnight(basically) because I can.

  26. Slow Panic says:

    hope you had fun! better let us know how it went!

  27. That is great. I can really relate to wearing what’s clean and I don’t have a little black dress either!

  28. What an absolutely fabulous idea. Brillant…truly brillant. I like all of your clothes choices…will you come shopping with me? I need some serious help…sigh. Hope that you had a wonderful time and that you were dressed comfortably and ‘just right’ for the occasion. As the saying goes…’you only have once chance to make a good first impression’…or something like that.

  29. Momo Fali says:

    …and doesn’t need ironed.

  30. Holy crabs. I couldn’t pull together 4 complete outfits even if they were clean. It’d be more like jeans, shirt, shoes.

  31. Purple Teacup says:

    HOW did you do that with the pictures?

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