Summertime Safety-a-palooza

I will be on Good Day today on Fox in a 8:20 live segment talking about these safety products.   Please tune in and keep your fingers crossed I don’t faint on camera…

We all want to keep our kids safe this summer from a variety of summertime dangers and these products can help make that easier.

safety turtleSafety Turtle

The Safety Turtle is a personal immersion alarm system that is worn by a child or Senior and sounds an alarm on the base unit when exposed to water.   It requires no installation and can be set up in a few minutes.

There is also a gate addition that can alert a parent/babysitter when someone enters a fenced pool area.   The gate alarm has an adult bypass which means it can always stay “on”.

A few years ago, before we had children, our dog drowned just a few days after moving into a new house with a backyard pool.   It was one of the most horrific things that I have been through.   I had no idea that our dog couldn’t swim or that there was any danger of leaving her in the backyard unattended.   That is why I love that Safety Turtle also makes a pet version.   Most people are unaware that pets are at risk around water as well.

Aquajogger Junior

As a Physical Therapist who ran an aquatic program, I am very familiar with the AquaJogger.   It is a belt worn around the waist that is made of flotation material.   Depending on the model (and your weight), it will allow you to float in deep water and move your arms fully for exercise.   You literally can jog in deep water!

Now the AquaJogger is available in smaller sizes for kids.

The benefit of using the AquaJogger Junior over water wings or a life jacket, is that the child could practice full swimming strokes while wearing it.

It is designed for children 3-12 and is made of a soft, flexible foam.

The AquaJogger Junior is priced below $26.

Sport-brella XL

I love this next product!   It is on my to-purchase list.   It is the Sport-Brella XL.

sport-brella XLThis umbrella is no ordinary umbrella…it is 9 feet across!   That is a lot of space to add lawn chairs, blankets and kids.

It is priced at $69.99 which seems reasonable for a TENT!

Peekaru Ozone

This cover can go over any standard carseat or stroller and will block 95% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Peekaru OzoneIt is made of soft fabric that wicks away moisture to keep baby cool.   The fabric is made from 75% recycled materials and certified non-toxic.

When baby is not in a stroller or carseat, it can be removed and used as a hooded blanket.

The Peekaru Ozone is priced at around $44 when shipping and handling are included.

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repelling Lantern

Hallelujah!   I am against the mosquito and the Mosquito Repelling Lantern by Thermacell mosquito repelling lanternThermaCELL can be a big help.   It is a portable camping lantern that provides not only light, but can keep bugs away.

It repells 98% of mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums.

It covers a 15 ft radius and doesn’t use open flames, hot wax or DEET.   It uses a “synthetic copy of a substance found in chrysanthemum flowers”.   The butane cartridges last for 12 hours and each insect repellant mat last for 4.   Refills of both are available.

It has been tested and found to be the most effective mosquito repellant on the market and used by both the Department of Defense and the US Army.

The cost is $32.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen (clear spray & stick)

Last year I went through an exhaustive hunt for my favorite sunscreen.   I was tired of standing in store aisles studying all the bottles hoping for inspiration as to their effectiveness and ease of use.   I finally decided to just try a whole bunch of kinds and then pick a favorite.

The clear winner was Coppertone Sport Clear Continuous Spray and the Copper tone Sport Stick.

I use the stick for faces and the spray for everywhere else.   In the past, I have Swim Shirt from Lands Endhad issues with sunscreen getting in my eyes while swimming, but the stick stays put and no painfully stinging eyes.

I love that the spray goes on clear and evenly.   It is super easy to line up my boys and spray them from neck to toes.

Swim Shirts with UV Protection

Speaking of spraying sunscreen from head to toe, this is one necessity that can help decrease sun exposure (and your sunscreen bill).   It is a swim shirt.

The one pictured to the left is from Land’s End and up until this year, they were often only available through specialty locations.   Thankfully, this year I have found them in many places.   The ones that my boys wear are from Target.

Raya Cooler by ThermosThey provide UV protection much more effectively than sunscreen and dry really quickly.

My boys love them and now won’t swim without them.

Prices start at $15.

Raya Coolers by Thermos

I bought two sizes of these in early spring and have used them on a regular basis.   They are coolers that look and feel like a purse/bag.

The other thing that I love about them is they are light and have nice padded shoulder straps.   I find myself packing drinks, snacks and even lunch for a trip to the park, zoo or Arboretum.   Because they are easy to carry, I don’t mind carrying them all day unlike a traditional cooler.

They are available at most locations that Thermos products are sold.

Stay safe this summer!


  1. We went to the lake recently to watch fireworks and cookout with friends. I was terrified the entire time that our very active and fearless two year old was going to get into the water. We put a life jacket on him, but still, you worry. The Safety Turtle would have been perfect. Thanks for sharing, Holly!

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