Creepy Critters Party Pets: A Birthday Experience They'll Never Forget!

My kids just had the birthday party they will never forget… It wasn’t quite feasible to bring all the kids and the guests to the zoo, so we did the next best thing and brought the zoo to us!   We had more than two dozen different reptiles and amphibians come to our house, to play with the kids.   Mr. Mike of Creepy Critters Party Pets is a retired zookeeper from the Dallas Zoo who lives in the DFW area.   He enjoys sharing some of his favorite pets with kids.   I was so thrilled to have discovered him at the Roanoke Library last summer and he was free a few weeks ago to make the kid’s day!   Creepy Critters came to our house for a Reptile themed birthday party!

She Is Dallas info: Mr. Mike of Creepy Critters has over 30 years of experience with animals.   You can reach Mr. Mike   to book a party your kids won’t forget, by phone at 972-780-7033 or check out the Creepy Critters Party Pets website.

Here are a few of the Creepy Critters who celebrated at our party:

He brought a tortoise named Fuzzy – that is almost as big as my two year old!   Reptile Birthday Party

This Iguana loved looking around at all the kids.Reptile Birthday Party

My favorite thing was how patient Mr. Mike was with the kids, he made them feel so special by taking a moment to focus on each and every one of our guests.   Everyone got to touch and interact with his pets!Reptile Birthday Party

The highlight of the afternoon was when he brought the snakes out and one by one layered them onto several of the boys necks!   These were incredibly patient snakes and incredibly elated little boys!

Reptile Birthday Party

This is not a sponsored post, I doubt Mr. Mike even knows that I am writing this!   I am just a thankful Mom and happy fan of his Creepy Critters.

A word of advice: Call him well in advance, he is in demand but totally worth it!

For more pictures of the reptiles he brought to our house, check out our family flickr page.


  1. I have always wanted to have a critter party for my kids. How fun, Rachel!

  2. Your kid’s party really looks awesome! I am definitely taking notes for when my kids get a little older.

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