This is one of the funniest parenting/baby products I’ve ever seen…

Dingle Dangle Baby

Meet the Dingle Dangle Baby Toy.

It’s a wearable dangling toy that promises to help distract your baby and make diaper changes so much easier!

Seriously, I cannot stop laughing.

Dingle Dangle Baby

Yes, it quirky and crazy looking but hey, we all do weird things as parents, right?

Aside from making diaper changes easier, I think it may be perfect if you’re trying to take photos of your baby or even trying to distract them while giving them medicine or when they get immunizations.

Dingle Dangle Baby

And if you really don’t want to wear it (because let’s be honest, it looks silly) you can use the attachment Claw to attach the toy to your baby’s crib, cot, stroller, or pushchair.

Dingle Dangle Baby

Honestly, according to the reviews, parents are loving this!

One review says:

“Got the Dingle Dangle as a baby gift for my first son. Kept it in the bag until we had our baby. Yes – looks totally crazy – but such an awesome dad gift. I use it every time I change my son’s diaper. He thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world. So much fun.”

Dingle Dangle Baby

It may just make the perfect baby shower gift!

You can grab the Dingle Dangle Baby Toy off their website here. It is $39.99 with tax and shipping included.

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  1. Hi Brittanie – this is Stu Gold, Co-Founder of the Dingle Dangle. We truly appreciate your sweet write up of our product! As a small business, this is so great for us.

    Thank you!!