Printable Christmas Games: Holiday Light Scavenger Hunt

{Squeal} Today we are sharing our free printable Christmas light scavenger hunt games that will transform your town into a holiday adventure for your kids (and entire family).

Our family holiday traditions include driving around town and looking at lights so making it a game is simply the next step…

Go on a Christmas game scavenger hunt for lights with your family this year - pictured is a beautifully lit Christmas tree with stars
Let’s go find the BEST holiday lights in our town!

Kids Activities Blog loves to play along with families spending time together. This is a simple Christmas game that kids of all ages and adults can play.

Kids who are not reading yet can participate with a reading partner.

Holiday light search printable from Kids Activities Blog - lit reindeer shown with red harnesses.
I found a reindeer!

Family Christmas Games

About mid-December, when Christmas shopping has hit a peak and you have already made 16 batches of cookies, you might need to take a family break.  Turn off everything for the night, say no to any commitments and do this fun activity as a family!

Isn’t spending time together what the holiday season is all about anyway?

Lit snowman for the holidays with Christmas lights of many colors behind him found on light scavenger hunt printed from Kids activities blog
I found a snowman!

Printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite things to do as a family is look at Christmas lights.  

We try to go at least once a week, even if it is only in our neighborhood.  

We crank up some holiday tunes on the radio and “ohh” and “ahh” our way through the light show.

Holiday scene of Christmas trees and other trees lit up with white lights found on printable Christmas game from Kids activities blog
I found sooooo many white lights!

One fun thing we tried this year was a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt.

Using this fun printable, we had a blast identifying everything on the list.

You tend to really take your time looking at the lights when you are also “hunting” for an object in them.

Kids Activities Blog printable Christmas game - light scavenger hunt to print & play shown here on lights in background
Print a copy for everyone on the Christmas scavenger hunt!

Click here to download & print the Christmas light list:

Holiday Light Searching Tips

Plan Your Light Trip Ahead

Have an idea in mind about where you want to look at Christmas Lights. Many areas offer shows to walk or drive through and there are lots of private companies that put on “walks” too.

If you are going to a certain neighborhood, make sure you have good directions on how to get there.

Otherwise if you are like my family, you end up driving around poorly lit (for Christmas) neighborhoods in search of better ones.

Christmas light town scene from London with holiday lights above street including an angel
Find the angel light!

Have a Holiday Light Backup Plan

What happens if you get to the area and it is packed with cars?

Don’t turn around and disappoint the family, have an alternate place to see lights.

Don’t overlook more rural neighborhoods. They can be surprisingly festive and not have the crowds of the city.

House lit up for Christmas - red/white candy cane lights out front found on printed scavenger hunt from Kids Activities Blog
I found the red & white candy cane lights!

Snacks for Looking at Lights

Pack some fun snacks for the trip – Christmas Cookies, anyone?

Kids will think it is super special if there is hot chocolate in a thermos or a special sippy cup drink. Another favorite of my family is spiced apple cider.

Christmas lights in town - printable scavenger hunt for lights - fallen snow is found on the ground
I found fallen snow!

Plan for Potty Breaks

Has everyone gone potty before you leave home?

And if you have a newly-toilet trained one, pack your portable potty in the back, or know where some clean restrooms are that you can use.

house lit up for Christmas - printable Christmas game - I found the twinkling stars
I found the twinkling stars!


Put on some fun Christmas Songs and have a sing-along right in the car.

There are lots of radio stations and satellite stations that run holiday music for the last 6 weeks of the year. Those can be an easy solution if all your holiday music is on CD…remember those?

Now get out there and make some memories!  

More Christmas Lights & Games from Kids Activities Blog

Enjoy playing with your family this Christmas season!


  1. Love this! My daughter just asked me to make one for this year so you have now saved me all the work 😀

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