We need to protect this little boy at all costs. He is just the sweetest thing!


This little boy was having a conversation with his dad about how to treat a woman when he decides to tell his dad the one thing he WON’T do to his future wife.


The dad is explaining that the scratch art the son found was made by his mom and that’s when the boy says:

“I hope my wife makes me things like this”


And dad then replies:

“Oh, I bet you she will. Because you’ll treat your wife the way I treat mommy”.

That’s when the boys face lights up and he confidently says:

“Except for the – *smacks his leg* spank on the butt”


OMG haha!

The confidence in his voice and that little smirk on his face. ADORABLE!


Funny thing is, he will likely be smacking his wife’s butt in the future, he just doesn’t know it yet. Ha!

You can watch the adorable TikTok video below.

@constructiondadof4 You never know what mister Isaac is gonna say! #funny #trending #fyp? #momsoftiktok #kidsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #parentsoftiktok #family ? original sound – Constructiondadof4

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