Just about everyone knows that there are oxygen masks on an airplane in case of an emergency.

But did you know there is a right and a wrong way to use them?

Turns out, experts say, you should always put your oxygen mask on before putting one on your kids. Here’s why.

Anytime you ride a plane you hear the safety speech from a flight attendant and one of the things they hammer into our brains is the “secure your own mask, before helping others” rule.

While you may be thinking that is a silly rule, there is actually a reason they teach this.

“Bluntly, airlines want parents to fix their oxygen masks first because they don’t want a plane full of unconscious parents and unsupervised toddlers,”

Angus Kidman travel expert at Finder told news.com.au.

“By getting parents to put on their masks first, airlines ensure that they can then help with fitting masks for their kids.”

Angus Kidman travel expert at Finder told news.com.au.

Basically, you can’t help anyone if you are unconscious so always put your mask on first then help someone else.

“At higher altitudes, there might only be 60 seconds between when the mask drops and when your mental capacity is reduced because of lack of oxygen and it becomes challenging to help others.”

Angus Kidman travel expert at Finder told news.com.au.

I mean, that totally makes sense.

While you’d expect the flight crew to be able to help in an emergency, keep in mind, they are often busy with other tasks during that time.

Plus, they need to keep themselves from going unconscious too.

So, remember the rule – always put your oxygen mask on first and then proceed helping others.

You can check out the video below that discusses this important reminder below.

Check out this educational video on airplane turbulence using jello!

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