Yesterday we made preparations for our Thanksgiving celebration with Thanksgiving coloring pages.  Today we are hosting a Thanksgiving party using what created!  Our party is inspired by our friends at Country Crock.

Thanksgiving pilgrim mice

First, we made Pilgrim Mice!

This recipe is on the Country Crock website under the name “Veggie Pets”.

We steamed our potatoes:

Thanksgiving potatoes

And then used sugar snap peas, rosemary, and corn to create the sweet little mice faces.

Thanksgiving mice ingredients

I used a toothpick to create small slits and holes in the potatoes so that the corn and peas would stay in the proper location.  To make these pilgrim mice, I added mushroom caps as pilgrim hats.

30 Days of Thanks and Giving Calendar

Set the Thanksgiving Table

We used the printable Thanksgiving coloring page placemats, name cards and napkin rings to set our little table.

Thanksgiving table

Next we added Thanksgiving food {including our sweet pilgrim mice}, drinks and three boys.

Now, THAT is a party!

Thanksgiving table party

Our Thanksgiving table was decorated with the printables we made and colored.

Thanksgiving table decor

Rhett(6) found a good reason to use a napkin ring.  Since his usual napkin preference is his shirt sleeve, he was thrilled to find that if you kept the napkin ON the napkin ring, it created a napkin mitten that is great for wiping a laughing face.

Thanksgiving napkin rings

What fun!

Thanks so much to Country Crock for sponsoring this post {and yesterday’s Thanksgiving Coloring Pages}.  It has been a ton of fun celebrating!  All opinions expressed are my own.

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