Are you ever looking for quick activities for kids that take very few ingredients and that can entertain your children for hours?   I know I am always looking for ways to engage my tots! Most everything we publish here at Kids Activities Blog is meant to be open-ended – where the child can take inspiration and a few supplies {usually from the kitchen junk drawer} and create something! Here are four divers, but VERY simple activities.   I hope they inspire you that you don't need to be crafty or purchase a bunch of supplies to have fun with kids! Great ideas of ways for Kids to  Free Play

Child Free Play

Free-play is a great way for kids to explore their worlds and develop creativity.   In the activity, Mark Making by Rainy Day Mum, her child was given a lump of playdough and a variety of toys/tools that she could use to make marks, sculptures, or whatever else she imagines. It's too cold to get wet outside, but that doesn't mean the water play days are over!   At Homeschool Mothers, the kids put on a car wash for their toys using shaving cream and a couple of bins of water.   We try to do this activity every couple of months with our plastic toys.   The kids play and we clean/sanitize the toys at the same time!! Who says you need to have expensive or fancy curriculum to teach your children?   Over at Buggy and Buddy they made a collection of alphabet stones and used those in a number of activities.   I love that the stones are durable and easy to recreate if you lose one!   All of our alphabet items are broken or missing a letter. ¦And if my kids had to pick a favorite  activity, they would chose  this one by Zayit and Ziva.   The kids got a big bin of pom-poms out and that's pretty much it.   My kids love pom-poms, playing with them, throwing them, making soup .   What a great reminder to enjoy simplicity with your kids!

More Free Play Ideas

Free play doesn’t need set up or a genius idea behind it.  Just giving kids a few items and seeing what comes out of it can be 1/2 the fun! Choose some related craft items to set out…or make it more challenging for older kids and choose some seemingly unrelated items and see what they create.  We would love to hear how this activity went over at our FB page!  Please stop by and let us know {posting pictures is always fun too}!

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature and off to check out the other free play activities as it’s great for this time of year when we need to get on with lots as well.