Yeah! It’s fight the frump Friday with Fussy! I am really bad about nail polish. I love it, but am not very coordinated. I have found that my skills are only useful on my feet. When I attempt painting my fingernails, I am fine for 5 and then things go messingly awry. So, I stick with the toes. I need to keep up with it better hence this post. Before: After: Yep, already better. But you say, it is the middle of the winter! No one is going to see them. Why bother? I need the practice. I need the practice painting. I need the practice keeping up with it. I need the practice because I found these on an off season huge blow out sale at Last Call: But those are just a pair of brown Jesus sandals, big deal? I think not. I have been searching for the perfect pair of mommy sandals for summer use. It has been a 2 year exhaustive search of shoe stores all over the country. Here are the guidelines: 1. Have to be cute–duh. 2. Have to have comfortable sole to be able to walk for miles–duh. 3. Have to have some sort of strap so they will stay on my feet–duh. 4. Have to be neutral in color so can be worn with any summer outfit–duh. 5. Can’t be clunky–duh. 6. Have to be affordable so it doesn’t jeapordize a purchasing summer wardrobe to go with the greatest mommy sandals ever–duh. Alright, after writing that out it appears all those points are obvious, but transition that list to the mall and sometimes things aren’t as easy as it sounds. So here is my really AFTER:

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  1. My comments been eaten by the internet. Damn internet.

    What I said was, I hate feet. But your toes do look nice, for TOES. Bleh.

    And, I totally approve of the sandals, which, I’m sure, is what you were hoping/waiting for. Although, anything that has “Michael Kors” attached to it is A-Ok in my book.

  2. Love the Jesus sandals!

    Ack the before picture was of MY toes.

    I can’t reach them anymore. LOL

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for joining in!

    Love ya, Fussy

  3. adorable feet, and sandals. i’d practice but my toes should NOT under any circumstances be released into the world. EVER.

  4. I love the sandals & you did a fabulous job painting your toes 🙂 I only get a pedicure before vacations, & I can’t paint mine myself worth a flip.

    I think my favorite thing to wear in summer is pretty sandals. Those are awesome!!

  5. I think Last Call might be my favoritist store in the universe. 🙂

    Being that I’m in South Florida it’s always sandal weather so I really should keep my feet nice all the time. I’m a flip flopaholic and I truly should not be showing these monstrous toes. Thank you for inspiring me… I’m going to paint them tonight!