This Mom’s Easy and Pain-Free Band-Aid Removal Hack is Pure Genius [Video]

If you have a child, you know that Band-Aid’s are a cure-all and can make everything better.

I learned this many years ago and now, I keep an emergency Band-Aid kit in my purse at all times.

With that being said, while Band-Aids can make things better, getting them off is an entirely different story. Some stick so well, it actually hurts to remove them.

Well, this mom has an easy and pain-free Band-Aid removal hack that is honestly pure genius!

In the video, you see the mom getting ready to pull the bandage off her baby’s leg but then shows a better way.

That’s when she quickly shows Vaseline and a pink silicone brush.

In the next moment, she starts brushing on Vaseline on top of the Band-Aid.

She then lets the Vaseline soak for a few minutes onto the Band-Aid.

And Viola! The Band-Aid easily removes without any pain or fuss!

Genius, right?!

You can watch the genius video below.

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