One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is being able to get the whole family involved in creating a new tradition or celebrating a ritual that has been around for generations.  Everyone pitching in to create a warm, cozy atmosphere and enjoying being together as a family is what makes this holiday so special in our house – and I’m sure in yours, too. Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft for Toddlers

Thanksgiving Craft for Toddlers

While we’re busy baking or putting together an elaborate dinner table, it’s easy to forget to get the little ones in on the family fun, too.  But don’t leave your mini crafter out of your Thanksgiving plans! This easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece – that doubles as a Festive Foliage Wreath – can be made completely by your toddler.  He’ll love showing off his masterpiece at the dinner table.


Kids Craft Supplies

  • Dry leaves
  • Flat wooden wreath
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or paint (optional)

Toddler Thanksgiving Craft

30 Days of Thanks and Giving Calendar

Step 1

Go on a leaf hunt and let your toddler gather as many brightly colored fall leaves as he wants.  Make sure to only pick up dry ones and leave the soggy ones behind.

Step 2

Add dots or smears of glue using a glue stick or a bottle of regular glue.  We used Elmer’s Washable School Glue and an Elmer’s Washable Glue Stick and both worked equally well.

Step 3

Stick on as many leaves to your wreath as possible.  Try layering leaves or placing the leaves in a color pattern if your toddler wants to get fancy.  Any way your toddler does it, it’s lots of sticky fun!

Thanksgiving Activity for Toddlers Tips:  Paint the wreath first if you don’t want the natural wood color to show through.  You can also use ribbon to hang your centerpiece as a wreath so your toddler’s craft does double duty. I’m thinking of either using this pretty piece to frame our homemade pies or to showcase a collection of staggered height candles. How would you show off your toddler’s creation? .

Fall Color.

What a cute Thanksgiving craft for toddlers.   For other kids activities and crafts using fall color check out these great ideas: Don’t miss out on these great easy toddler crafts!

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  2. I love this! Easy, simple and beautiful! I’m sure the little kids will be so happy and proud of the end result.