This Young Girl’s Impressive Bottle Flip Made Yankee Fans Go Wild with Excitement [Video]

When you think of going to watch a Yankees baseball game, you likely think of going to watch the actual game.

Well, one young girl changed all of that because Yankee fans had their eyes on her instead of the game.

The reason? They were watching her and her impressive bottle flipping skills!

On Sunday’s New York Yankees-Houston Astros game, this little girl was entertaining herself in the bleachers by trying to land a bottle flip.

This all happened during a tie game in the bottom of the 9th inning with a man on 2nd base.

Apparently, she had been trying for quite sometime before one person caught the impressive landing of the bottle flip all on video.

“Everyone was watching her. They were all saying ‘oohhhhh’ every time the bottle fell over and that’s why (it) got my attention to turn around and see what was happening,” the fan told TODAY.


The source continued:

“She was flipping the bottle for around five minutes. She continued after the clip I got but the game started to get intense and everyone including her shifted their focus back on the game,” he added.


In the video, once you see her landing the bottle flip, the crowd went wild with excitement.

It was so exciting, you’d think they were cheering about the game but were just excited to see this little girl land her bottle flip.

It’s so sweet and fun. You have to check out the video for yourself below.

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