Toddler Girl Insists M&M’s Are Chocolate Skittles and It’s Adorably Sweet [Video]

Toddlers say and do the funniest things. I should know, I have a toddler daughter right now and she’s probably the funniest kid ever.

This Toddler Girl is a top contender too because she insists on the fact that she is right about M&M’s being chocolate Skittles and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

Dad shared on TikTok how his toddler daughter Ayla, was very confident in the fact that M&M’s were “chocolate Skittles.”

In the video, you see the two having a conversation regarding candy and Ayla is quite persuasive and convincing.

This tiny stubborn toddler goes through her candy and says the M&M’s are chocolate skittles when her dad asks what she has.

When Dad tries to correct her, she goes, “No, it’s chocolate skittles” is the cutest little voice you’ve ever heard.

She then gets distracted and really excited by a lollipop.

Seriously, I am with her. I mean, they look a lot like Skittles and just taste like chocolate. HA!

You can watch the adorable full video below.

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