Dad Turns Around to Find Toddler Taking A Poop on A Display Toilet and It is Hilarious [Video]

This might just be one of the funniest things I’ve seen all day…

A dad recently visited a B&Q home improvement store and took his kids along for the ride.

While the dad had his back turned for a minute, he didn’t realize his toddler son helped himself to going to the bathroom.

The problem was, his toddler son decided to take a poop in a display toilet right in the middle of the store.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, the dad said:

Can’t quite believe what’s happened ? J has taken a very big poo in one of the B&Q display toilets. ?

The dad continued:

Only went in for a washing line, turned around and J is sat on one of the toilets. Ran to say get off but it was very much too late ? I left to get wet wipes and came back to him still sat on there because he ‘needed to finish’ and hubby didn’t know what else to do ? The young shop assistant couldn’t stop laughing but also completely ignored the situation, don’t blame the lad ?

I mean, I wouldn’t stop laughing either.

Poor dad for having to clean it up but this will be a memory to last a lifetime! Ha!

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