This Toddler Copying His Dad and Grandpa’s ‘Man Grunts’ Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day [Video]

I think this is proof of the saying, “Like father, like son”.

I think it’s also safe to say, “Like grandpa, like grandson” because this toddler wants to be just like his daddy and grandpa.

 For Father’s Day, TikToker @shannyrose88 captured a video of three generations of “man grunts” when she caught her toddler son with his father and grandpa.

In the video, you see the toddler sit down right between his dad and grandpa after mimicking their man grunts.

After he does it, you hear mom laughing as she continues to record and then dad and grandpa give him a big high-five.

It’s such an adorable and sweet moment the family can cherish forever especially now that it’s captured on video.

You have to see the adorable video for yourself below.

@shannyrose88 Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads and grandpa’s out there! #fathersday #husband #dadgoals #family #toddlersoftiktok #fyp #PrimeDayDealsDance ? original sound – Shannon

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