It’s another week of our Wednesday link-up party, It’s Playtime.   And this week I am featuring a different sort of Kids Activities Blog – four of them actually.

Fall & Kids.  

It is the calm before the storm.   I think of these two or three weeks as the ones to get my soul ready for the onslaught of holiday fervor.   It is nice to focus on a couple of weeks of rest .   To be intentional about not having extra events or activities scheduled.

courage of creativity... sometimes boredum is good for kids (and adults)

My kids love to be busy, and to do activities, BUT… Our kids need rest too, they need moments of bordeum to help spur on bouts of creativity.   They need moments of solitude to help them appreciate (or endure) periods of social busyness.

Over the past year there are a few sites that have stood out as blogs that have supported taking a moment to breathe with our kids.

Let the Children Play “ She is one of my co-hosts for this weekly It's Playtime Linky, and someone who is passionate about getting kids active and outside.   Almost all of her activities do not need extra items, or an extensive craft closet.   I love her for that!

Hands Free Mama “ I just love her premise and have read Rachel's blog as a reminder to myself; she tells me that I need to disconnect from the world, from it's needless Requirements and to purposefully connect more with my kids and family.

Kid Stuff World “ Stacy of KSW has blogged occasionally for Kids Activities Blog “ you can read some of her activities in our archives “ and one of her posts, on her blog, from ages ago rings in my head.   We only have 6,500 days with our kids.   How are we spending them??

FireFlies and Mud Pies “ Need encouragement to let your kids relax a bit?   I loved her post about how she encouraged her kids to go puddle jumping this fall, perfect weather before it is too cool to be wet outside!   She suggests lots of other moments that you can enjoy your kids.


Thanks to all of you for linking up terrific activities to do with our kids, each and every week.   Please note, by linking up you are giving us permission to grab an image and feature your blog and your post (here or on pinterest, facebook, etc.)

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  1. You have truly made my day! I adore all the other blogs you mentioned and feel so honored to be featured among them! Thank you for spreading and supporting the notion that taking moment to “breathe  with our kids is so beneficial and rewarding!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! When I read this I quickly thinking what activity I should do with the boys today..Indeed we only have 6,500 days with our kids! I am having a panic attack now! I haven’t blogged about playing with the boys again these days that’s why I couldn’t join your linky hiks 🙁