Tesla’s Cybertruck ‘Space Camper’ Is Something Dreams Are Made Of

Let me ask you something, do you enjoy camping or glamping?

I ask because this new Tesla Cybertruck ‘Space Camper’ is about to take camping to an entire new level. Seriously, this looks like something out of a space movie.

Space Campers

As you may know, the Tesla Cybertruck has been a highly-anticipated SUV ever since it’s announcement.

Space Campers

While production has been rescheduled several times over the years, it hasn’t stopped people from pre-ordering the Cybertruck.

If you happen to be one of those people and love outdoor adventures, this Space Camper add-on may just be for you.

Space Campers

The company Space Campers invented a wedge-style camper for Tesla Cybertruck.

The Space Camper turns the Telsa Cybertruck into a home on wheels offering a luxury way to sleep under the stars without sleeping on the cold, hard ground.

While the price tag is a whopping $24,000 to start, it does offer luxury sleeping in your car and the company truly thought of EVERYTHING.

Space Campers

Features include:

  • A detachable fold-down bed that can be turned into a sofa 
  • Air-powered roof
  • Exhaust vent to keep moisture out
  • An adjustable awning
  • Dimmable touch LEDs
  • Built-in wall storage
  • Wall outlets to keep you charged
  • and so much more!
Space Campers

There are additional features like adding a kitchen and bathroom which will be specced and priced closer to launch.

Space Campers

You can pre-order this Space Camper on the Space Campers website with a deposit down right now.

Keep in mind, the pricing does not include the actual Tesla Cybertruck, that is separate.

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