This dad can go ahead and adopt me and my entire family… Because honestly, this is the coolest thing ever!

This dad probably just earned the coolest dad award because he built the ultimate summer camp for his family and I am totally jealous!

If you find yourself stuck on a broken record with your kids saying, “Mom, I’m bored” after the first week of summer break, you need to build one of these (or become friends with this guy).

This backyard is the ultimate summer getaway. It has everything you need from a pool to a playground and even a bar where parents can hang.

Every square inch of this backyard is covered with entertainment, fun colors and something to keep you entertained all summer long.

Truthfully, if I had this backyard, I’d never want to leave my house.

Home Junkie

I’m forever envious of this backyard and I bet my kids are too!

Need a little extra fun this summer?

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