i bought skechers shape ups

Oh come on…you know you have been tempted.

Get in shape without setting foot in a gym?

–firms calf muscles?

–reduces cellulite and tones thighs?

–firms buttocks muscles?

–tightens abdominal muscles?

–strengthens the back?

–improves posture?

–improves blood circulation?

Count me in, people!

It wasn’t originally MY idea to buy the Shape-ups.   There was a little suburban legend floating through my neighborhood that these shoes could improve thigh and buttock appearance in a matter of weeks.

OK, it wasn’t really suburban legend, it was my friend Pamella.

So I shelled out the over $100 for a pair – even the price even elevates your heart rate! I am already exercising and I haven’t even left the Skechers* store.

*And because I am OLD I didn’t even know that Skechers wasn’t spelled Sketchers even though they have been around since 1992 which is like 100 years ago, but I was in high school PRIOR to 100 years ago so popular fashion ended in 1988 for me.

I headed home to start firming my butt.

The first day I wore them for several hours around the house.   They are really comfortable and I didn’t even need the insole orthotics I would normally need in athletic shoes.

They are really ROCK-Y.   I kinda feel like I am walking up and down hill all day, but around the house it seems to work fine.   I would be worried about walking on uneven terrain in them until my ankle muscles are stronger since the soles are very high and it would be easy to step wrong and twist an ankle.

The most surprising thing to me was how much muscle soreness I have after wearing them for a few hours.   In fact, several weeks later I am not wearing them more than a 1/2 day or so.

I will spare you any photos of my butt.

Really, you don’t have to thank me.

But I will say that they are the perfect thing to wear with my pajama jeans.

Oh ya…


  1. I had MBTs (original ones of these). I had a lot of trouble with them outside here in Denver. They were made for places with clean, clear sidewalks. Even the “outdoor” version had me slipping and sliding in the park (mud, dirt, cinder, etc). I sold mine on eBay.

    And started doing lunges and squats. 😉

  2. Can you actually do the treadmill and other things in them or would that rocking in the soles get in the way? I need new workout shoes and I’ve been considering those (hoping to get the added benefit without the added work) but at $100, if they are bad for the gym I won’t be able to get a second pair of workout shoes.

  3. I’m so tempted to try these but I have a complete lack of motor skills. I wonder what would happen if you wore them with ankle weights?

  4. I dunno…

    I think I’ve decided to be annoyed at you because you look too thin in your pajama jeans and Stechers shoes.

    Now I wanna donut.

  5. Last time I was at Academy getting my kids some shoes, I almost bought them. It was between those and the Reebok EasyTones. I chose the Reebok’s.

    One reason I chose the Reebok’s – the curved, raised heel is less… noticeable. I figured I might wear them a little more than the Skechers.

    Hmmm, maybe a little competition would be a good thing. Then instead of driving a block to pick up my kids, the competition would motivate me to actually walk. 🙂

  6. I wonder how these things feel to someone with very flat feet…Me for example.
    The main reason I have been hesitant is because they make your feet look bigger. And I already wear a size 12. I don’t need my feet any bigger thankyouverymuch!

  7. i really want them… I’ve researched, and researched them. this came after I announced i wanted to replace all of my shoes with sneaker and mary jane styled sketchers of the shape up variety and my husband said NO! (party pooper)

    reviews are mixed- but i still totally want some…

    p.s. you are rocking the pajama jeans.

  8. Exercising the old fashioned way? haha

  9. I think they would be good for anything indoors. I would try them on at the store first and walk around to make sure…but I would feel comfortable on the tm.

  10. I am coordination-challenged and ankle weights at my fitness level would be WAY overkill!

  11. Mmmmm…donuts.

  12. I saw something on TV today about ones that have like little balance balls under several spots in the soles…I might have to investigate it!

    Stop me!

  13. They also make you several inches TALLER…would that help even it out?

  14. I just saw those Mary Janes…HAWT!

  15. I bought these recently, too. I couldn’t believe how tired I was after a 20 minute walk. Aside from the fact that I am grossly out of shape, I think they do actually do something. Going to try to get in some sort of routine, but I find myself unrealistically banking on these sneakers turning me into Jillian Michaels.

  16. But they are so UGLY!!!! They look like those SAS brand shoes. You know, those tan shoes with tan laces and tan soles that are huge and rubbery? Except Skechers changed the colors. Seriously.

    And you wonder where your boys get their As Seen On Tv Gene (I think scientists have located that gene in the gene pool!)…pajama jeans AND clunky shoes?

    But…it does sound like they actually work like they say. I will say that those dumb FitFlops that I paid $40 for only gave me blisters and NOT a firm hiney!

  17. Oh..forgot to say..

    If you could only include a Snuggee with your outfit, you would be a walking Infomercial.

    Just think…intead of TexasHolly, you could become InfomercialHolly! Yesss……

  18. I have the MBT’s too!!! And did you happen to see or feel my butt during the Housewares show?


    Because then you would see how far wearing shape-up shoes gets you.

    Pajama Jeans! I just met them recently. I’m a little afraid. But you look good. 🙂

  19. I bought a pair too. They’re ugly as all get-out but they are comfy.

  20. Pgoodness says:

    2 girls at my office have them and swear they work (the shoes, not the girls, though…hmmm). The one wears hers on the treadmill too! I was thinking of getting the flip flop version since it’s summerish now…

  21. They are HIDEOUS! I can’t wear them out of the house…it is that bad.

  22. I haven’t see the flip flops! I will have to investigate.

  23. As I was starting to read this, my first thought was, “Please tell me she has paired these with the pajama jeans”.

    Thank you for not letting me down.

    BTW, I totally want a pair of these shoes. Do you think if I wore them on a stair climber my booty would get really, really toned?

  24. YES! It was an obvious pairing…all I can say is my friend, Pamella SWEARS by them.

  25. Pajama jeans? This is either the most cruel oxymoron or a dream come true. What’s the story?

  26. Ha! I will not join the crowd here and buy in. The PJ jeans…totally different thing.

    And Pamella’s butt is pretty rocking right now! I havent checked yours out lately. 🙂

  27. I have a pair! And I wear them like Every.Day.

    If my belly wasn’t such a counter-balance, I might see that my ass is smaller. Sigh.

  28. I recently saw a woman with these on and thought they were some kind of orthopedic therapy for an injury! Of course now I’m tempted to buy them… Do they still work if the extent of your walking is from the front door to the car and back? 🙂

    … love your blog, always brightens my day!

  29. I’m still tempted. I think they need to rethink their price point though.

    Oh, maybe Payless will come out with their version soon!

  30. I’m wish the commenter above- I’ll totally get on board if payless knocks them off! By the way- what in the name of Jesus is the heavenly sounding thing you call “pajama jeans??!!!”

    Please elaborate. Does that mean they look like jeans but feel like pj’s? Please tell me that’s what you’re saying. 🙂

  31. I love my shape ups. Got them at Zappos super cheap. I am on my feet over 8 hours a day at work, walking, carrying stuff, climbing steps – and I have had no problems. In fact, their rocking motion helps to keep me going. No sore muscles, just more energy = A+.

  32. I have a pair of these and really love them. I actually asked for them for my b’day last year. I don’t wear them all day, every day, so I can’t attest to whether or not they actually shape your butt. But I wear them when walking the dogs and working out, and I can definitely feel the burn (the good kind). They might take some getting used to if you have balance issues. But I’m with Lisa – the rocking motion actually kind of propels me. I’d suggest getting used to them before walking up a big hill, though! You can definitely feel them working your leg muscles. And you have to make sure to walk correctly in them like in the instructions. In my opinion, they are super comfortable!

  33. So glad you like them. I still haven’t figured out the entire coordination involved, but that is just me!

  34. I just read all of your posts about pj jeans and shape-ups and everyone’s responses and I gotta say I was laughing out loud at work. I am totally going to order pj jeans and the sneakers to complete the outfit and report back with my findings!

  35. I don’t get it — did you buy these ironically? You seem so smart, yet you have the post where you bought this and the “booty pop” and your snide commentary makes me hope it’s sarcastic and that you don’t actually wear these things on a regular basis.

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