Plumbing 911

We built our house over 6 years ago and one of the quirks has been that I think my kitchen sink is possessed by the devil.

leaky pipe
Not Holly's actual plumbing. Not Holly's actual leak.

It seems that at least every six months we have some sort of issue.

And by issue I mean flood.

Did I mention that I have wood floors in my kitchen?


It isn’t always the same problem.   That would be too easy.   It is usually some sort of related problem…related in a distant cousin kinda way.

Two months ago the issue that arose was that the pipes under my sink were leaking water at a rate of one bucket per hour.   The point of leakage was BEFORE the turn-off valve so there was no way of turning off the leak without turning off the water to the entire house.

*deep sigh*

I called the plumbing company that installed my plumbing who know me well to request a visit from a plumber in a timely fashion.

3 days later was the first available appointment.

3 days later I had emptied 72 buckets, wrung out 31 beach towels, used 3 rolls of paper towels by smooshed small parts of them into tiny openings that regular towels won’t fit but water drops ran freely and had an exhausted spirit fed up with all things water and needing a full night of non-bucket emptying sleep.

The plumber came and fixed the problem.

I again could sleep, put the bucket away, and save the beach towels for the beach.

It took a full week for the area under the sink to dry and not smell musty.   We finally returned to normal.   For a month…

Yes, merely four weeks later, I entered the kitchen and was hit with that memorable musty smell.   I opened the cabinet under the sink to find that water was GUSHING from the same spot that had been fixed weeks before.   The same spot that can’t be turned off under the sink.   The same spot that had just received professional plumbing attention.

Out came the buckets and the beach towels.

This time the water was moving faster and I could hardly keep up with the torrent.

It was Saturday and I called the plumbing company that had installed the plumbing in the house and just fixed this very leak.

“My first available appointment is on Wednesday, do you want morning or afternoon?”


“I see in my computer that his work was not guaranteed.”


“Wednesday is my first available.   Do you want morning or afternoon?”


“Wednesday is my first available.”


“Like I said, we didn’t guarantee that work.   Should I put you down for Wednesday?”


I went and emptied the buckets and wrung out the towels and Googled “Dallas plumbers”.   I called Baker Brothers Plumbing and found that they could fit me in that afternoon.

The Baker Brothers Plumber came over later in the day and found that I needed some parts that should be under warranty from the fixture manufacturer.   He told me exactly who to call and what to say on Monday morning.   He told me to tell them to overnight the parts and he would come back and fix it on Tuesday.   He added something magical under the sink that allowed us to turn off the gushing water.

I called on Monday and did what he said.   The company over-nighted me parts.

He fixed it on Tuesday…just like he said.

I canceled my Wednesday appointment with my original plumbing company.

The plumbing company I will never see again.

Baker Brothers plumbingAnd here is where it gets even cooler…a few weeks later I was offered a way to work with Baker Brothers Plumbing here on She is Dallas.

Whoo hoo!

Baker Brothers Plumbing is doing something amazing until May 18.   They are donating ONE hour of professional, licensed plumbing work to the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity for every 10 LIKES on their FB page. This is a huge help to Habitat for Humanity because they are required to have licensed plumbers install plumbing in all the houses they build which is usually something they have to raise money to accomplish.

She is Dallas has been asked to help spread the news and ask our readers to go LIKE Baker Brothers on FB.


It is a win-win…and YOU never know when you might have issues.

She is Dallas info: Baker Brothers Plumbing offers a wide variety of plumbing services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.   They can be reached at 214-838-8088 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 214-838-8088 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.   Baker Brothers is on FB and Twitter.   As mentioned above, they are compensating She is Dallas to get the word out about their Habitat for Humanity initiative in the hopes of donating 50 hours.




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