preschool listening skills1. Make music instruments from household items (ex: paper plates and beans stapled inside of the two plates = tamburine, a pot = drum, etc.) 2. Make a phone out of garden hose and funnels “ whisper messages to each other on different ends of the house. 3. Bang a pot to teach rhythm with a favorite song 4. Choreograph a dance 5. Dance to youtube songs 6. Sing silly songs 7. Go on a hearing hunt “ what do you hear? leaves rustling? birds singing? Cars? Airplanes? wind? etc. 8. Sing into a fan – How does the wind change the sound of your voice? 9. Pick a topic and start singing a silly made-up song about it. 10. Make a paper hearing aid and whisper to eachother. Can you hear it better? 11. Learn about vibrations and sound with this spoon and thread experiment. 12. Practice listening skills with the game “telephone”. With preschoolers, you can have them repeat a phrase to you, a tongue-twister, or repeat the intonations of your words.

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  1. This site is really a gift to me from heaven. Thank you for posting your ideas. I, actually, am a secondary music teacher that happens to be employed in a private preschool. It is really a fact that preschools are harder to manage than the teens. Also, the type of approach given to the different levels. Thank you for sharing your creativity. More power!

  2. okay, seriously! like how do you always come up with so many incredibly fun ideas? if we are ever bored, all we need to do is pull up your site for a bout 8 gazillion ideas of awesomeness. we love around here!!