potluck o’ mommy stuff

Yippeeeee, this week potluck is on time and in a perkier mood.

Thank God…there is nothing worse than a bitter potluck.

So, let’s start out with a little video.

This is a tremendous parenting failure on my part (and I may need my eyebrows waxed…unrelated):

I can’t believe it is almost over, but Girlfriend Getaway DFW is making me return my Chevy Malibu this week…ugh!

The nerve!

If you live in Texas, please consider votin’ for me and entering the sweepstakes – here.


Overwhelmingly, most of you that landed here after a little Googlin’ this week were searching my in depth review of Pajama Jeans.

Not just 4 or 5, but 4 or 500.

You want to know about pajama jeans, sizing of pajama jeans, plus size pajama jeans, pajama jeans review, pajama jean, etc.

But I would like to HUG the 5 of you who specifically Googled the pajama jean fabric, DORMISOFT.

You are my favorite Googlers of the week.

A little Potluck Promotional Movement was started this week by my dear BFF and partner…business, silly – not life partner, Shauna.

She stole the potluck and then advanced the idea of a Monday potluck meme.

I have considered this in the past because I figure random thoughts happen to everyone and I know from experience it is easy to write a potluck.

If you would be interested in linking up occasionally to such an event, please let me know below in the comments.

There were some really funny comments this week and it was really hard for me to decide a clear winner, but I think you might agree this was pretty good…

In response to my April Santa dilemma:

Silver lining “ you could probably score a Santa suit in June for pennies on the dollar.

Ash from Shades of Blue and Green

Which totally reminds me to tell you that Ash aka Em in Pursuit is back, out of the blogging closet and blogging at a completely new and improved location!

Here is something really fun from a bunch of lovely creative people lead by Lee from Moms Without Blogs.

I felt really lucky to meet Lee in person at Hoover’s Houseware Show blogger event…see photo below video. I absolutely loved her.   She was telling me about her new project which will tell the story of the modern mom through videos.

Here is one of the first videos produced for that project, The State of the Mom:

Lee, Holly and Julie in Chicago.

What is Up with Holly’s Coccyx?

Thankfully, I am feeling like I could discontinue this segment…


Alrighty! I am doing well this week and will monitor it closely and report back next Monday…

And now for a little fruit bowl update…

My fruit bowl contains:

a scrap of fabric, three colored pens, two plastic Easter eggs, a set of keys, an empty plastic bag from Target with a receipt in it and Moses’ beard

Not the REAL Moses’ beard…that would be weird and a little creepy…THIS Moses’ beard which he opted out of for his school festival:

As you go forth this Monday, may your staff NOT turn into a serpent and may all your seas be parted…


  1. I, for one, am glad to see potluck back! And, I cast my vote for the potluck meme thingy.

  2. Holy cow – thanks for all the links. You know I already voted for you, right 😉

    I LOVE the door closing thing. Unintended consequences compliments of Honda. My boys are the same way. On a side note: a thousand apologies to the victims of door dings at my neighborhood-area stores. Difficult concept for kiddos to grasp when they’re used to sliding exits.

    So my bad.

    And yes, please go meme on potluck! Random thoughts are abound on the weekends. I need a good reason to corral them.

  3. Oh I am definitely on board with a potluck meme. Does it have to be on Monday though? No coherent thoughts come out of my head on Mondays. Just a lot of mumbling and swearing…

  4. I did end up here by Googling the pajama jeans. I had read several posts about it in my read and couldn’t remember who so I had to google.

    I’d be up for a potluck meme. I always struggle with coherence on Mondays

  5. I can’t vote if I’m not in Texas?? Well that’s just blatant discrimination. I’ve BEEN to Texas, doesn’t that count?

    And I’m all for Potluck Meme. Or a Meme Potluck. Or even a MemeLuck Potlick.

    I should probably stop now.

  6. I VOTED for you!

    Yes to the Potluck meme!

    My husband is the one in our family who forgets the door. The cops showed up at 3 am a few months back asking for me to go outside because of a possible break -in in my husband’s car. Had to explain that he has door closing issues. 🙂

  7. Okay. You’re kinda awesome. Here I am just clicking on over like I do from time to time when your little email subscription update arrives in my inbox and then I see this killer little shout-out for The State of the Mom. Thanks Holly. It’s the heart project you know? So thank you, thank you. And of course I had to check links cause that’s what you do when people link to you right? And the moms without blogs one isn’t working. 🙁 But The State of the Mom is. If one has to fail, the right one is failing. 🙂

    I look tired in that Chicago pic next to you perky chicks.

    I love your fruit bowl update. I wanna do that too.

    And yes, I’m in for the potluck meme from time to time.

    And I love Ash. And I love that she’s out of the CLOSET!

    And I have a mini-van with sliding doors because my kids have dinged SO MANY CARS before I got that mini-van. Is there any way to add sliding doors on that Malibu?

    I’ll go vote now.

    And if you have NOT seen Tina Fey’s Brownie Husband today, YOU MUST! It’s on my blog. You’ll see it when you fix that link. 🙂

    Really whatever on that. I know you’re busy homeschooling and all.

    Miss you and hope to see you in 2010.


  8. Oops. I don’t live in Texas. So I guess I can’t vote….? Bummer. I hope you win.

  9. Me munna have potluck.
    (I might have to hijack it myself one of these days…)

  10. WHAT??!?! I’m not a LIFE partner?? Crap.

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