This is the cutest idea ever!


If you have any baby items lying around such as the baby blanket your baby went home in, and want a fun keepsake, this is for you.


You Can Now Turn Your Baby’s Hospital Blanket Into a Keepsake Stuffed Animal and I love it so much!


This etsy shop will take your baby’s hospital blanket and turn it into a fun keepsake in the shape of an animal.


You can even have your baby stats (name, birth date, birth time, weight, etc.) embroidered right onto the front of the animal’s belly.


They have several animals to choose from such as a Unicorn, Dog, Elephant, Whale, Dinosaurs, Giraffe and even a lion (that one is my favorite).


You can order your custom Baby Blanket Animal Keepsake here. Prices range from $28-$58 depending on which animal you choose.

Check out this Bat Swaddle Blanket!

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  1. (Dominica) they’re cute and let’s say the blanket is suppose to stay at the hospital. Reality is very single blanket is accounted for in your bill. When you itemize a birthing bill and see a Tylenol being charged at $8-9 per pill… you paid for the blanket. At the point the baby is already been wrapped in it so take the blanket home wash it and make that cute stuff animal and feel good.

  2. I love this! Could we send a blanket and get these made by you?
    And as far as the comment above; The nurses at the hospital I delivered my babies at encouraged me to take home “their first blanket they were wrapped up in”. And I had 4 kids at 2 different hospitals.

    1. Hi, Christy! Isn’t it so cute?! The link to the store that does this is in the blog post (towards the bottom)!

  3. (Dominica) Our hospital sent us home with a few and told us to take them & the hats; and I ton of other stuff. Said, we pay for them! All in our bill.
    Love this! I want this done with ours! They gave us so many!

  4. Those blankets are hospital property. They aren’t meant to take home and you shouldn’t be encouraging people to steal them. You also do realize those hospital blankets have been used on multiple babies to wipe up their blood, vernix and poop?