This is a fun Christmas tradition idea! You know how kids anxiously await for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve?

Well,You Can Get A Santa Button To Show Your Kids Santa Dropped It While Delivering Presents At Your House!

Santa’s Lost Button Tradition

Dubbed “Santa’s Lost Button”, this adorable Christmas tradition idea will make kids feel extra special on Christmas morning.

Simply purchase the Santa Button and place it on the ground near the presents or somewhere you know the kids will find it.

Santa’s Lost Button

Once the kids find Santa’s Lost Button, they will feel so special and magical around the holiday season. Oh, and it totally proves that Santa was there delivering presents! Ha!

You can even include a letter from Santa placed nearby that lets kids know Santa is aware he dropped his button and wants the kids to keep it safe.

santa's lost button free printable
Santa’s Lost Button Printable

We even made you the printable you can download and print to use at home. You can download the Santa’s Lost Button Letter Here.

You can grab your very own Santa’s Lost Button here on Amazon for around $13.

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