Move Over Easter, Parents Are Now Making ‘Spooky Baskets’ For Their Children and We Are Here For It

Move over Easter, you are no longer the only holiday where kids are gifted baskets filled with treats and toys.

Parents are now making ‘Spooky Baskets’ or ‘Boo Baskets’ for their kids and we are totally here for it!


What is a spooky basket?

Spooky Baskets are just like they sound – baskets filled with all sorts of spooky (or fun) goodies such as Halloween candy, Halloween toys, and spooky collectibles.


If you’ve been worried about taking your children trick-or-treating this year due to the pandemic, this may be a great alternative.

It’s also just a fun and unique way to celebrate Halloween and honestly, why not? I am sure the kids will love it!


Some parents even include items such as blankets, pencils and paper, cups or mugs, and fun Halloween cards.

Don’t have kids? You can do this for your pets too!!

So, this Halloween, make your kids a Spooky Basket or Boo Basket and watch their eyes light up!


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  1. Bonnie Rush says:

    This is cool. I have done this before. I put small gifts like Halloween stickers, bubbles a pumpkin ornament with markers to decorate and some candy in a plastic pumpkin for my daughter
    and decorated a large pencil holder with easy to take off Halloween stickers and filled it with Halloween pencils a couple of Halloween straws, pens and candy for her brother.

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