Update: This charity has been overwhelmed by the need and can no longer fulfill requests. They have no affiliation with Crayola and this article has been updated in response to their wish that we no longer send people to their website.

In case you haven’t heard by now, Crayola released Colors of The World products which allows every child to feel included and accurately color using the different skin tones of the world. And one company wants to help bring these products to classrooms across the nation.

In fact, (no longer available) Teachers And Educators Can Receive Free Colors of The World Crayons. Here’s How…

Crayola multicultural skin tone products markers and colored pencils to help all children represent themselves accurately.
Teachers can recieve Crayola Colors of the World through New Program

How Teachers Can Receive Free Crayons

The charity is a non-profit organization that was founded to focus on the small act of buying multicultural crayons, markers and colored pencils for schools and non-profit organizations they were familiar with within their local community. 

(Inactive) Program to Get Crayola Colors of the World in Teacher’s Hands

Now they are expanding their reach and giving teachers and educators across the nation a chance to receive these projects.

Step 1

All you need to do is head over to the Request Form and complete it.

Crayola Colors of the Wold Crayon Shades pictured
Look at all the beautiful Colours of the World!

Step 2 – Review Process

Once you submit your request form, a team of volunteers reviews the submission and awards schools and non-profit organizations upon review.

Step 3 – Approval Notification

Should you be selected, they’ll be in touch so be sure to provide your best contact email!

Crayola colors of the world come in colours of the world crayons, colors of the world colored pencils, colors of the world paint, colors of the world washable markers and colors of the world paper dolls
Look at all the options from Crayola Colors of the World!

Every Color in the World Represented

Isn’t this just amazing?

The best part is, there is no cost to a school or organization! Thankfully, all care packages are paid for in full thanks to the generosity of donors giving teachers access to these amazing products at no cost.

Make sure you spread the word to all the educators in your life!

You Can Get Involved Too

Even if you are not a teacher, you can get involved in this really cool project by donating money to the cause.

  • Representation matters – help kids learn to respect others and themselves
  • Children deserve to know they belong.

Donors contribute funds to cover the costs of materials and shipping.

Where to Buy Crayola Colors of the World Products

If you want to make sure your home, classroom or school has these colored crayons, you can also find them in most stores that carry school supplies or online:

Be sure to share Crayola Colors of the World with your teachers and friends!

More Crafty fun!

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  1. I would love to take part in this program.
    I live in Canada. A border city with the US. If I give an American address can I still take part in this great opportunity?
    Thank you!

  2. `Yes I ‘am a teacher of a Child care, teaching is a heard job. We just do not get the recognition as a teacher. But you will get the rewards as you grain trust of a small heart of a small child. So many people. Just look at the child care worker as a baby setter But we are not we teach them how to eat. to set ,craw, to walk to set more then 5 min. to be a friend To be ready for school and so much more. Thanks Sherrill

  3. Don’t hold your breath. I applied for this way back in August when school started to benefit the before and after school program I am a counselor for because these crayons would really benefit or program. The children would have loved them. Never heard a word after I applied. I ended up just buying some out of pocket for all the kids to share.