Ahhhh this is amazing! If you’ve always wanted a swing set for your kids but didn’t want to break the bank, this is it!!


Walmart Is Selling A Swing Set Complete With A Disc Swing For Just $99! It is normally $249.99!


Oh, and did I mention that two of the swings light up?! That makes it perfect for playing on in the dark on warm summer nights!!


This is the XDP Recreation FIREFLY Metal Swing Set and it comes with 2 LED Swing Seats, 1 SUPER DISC SWING(TM) for 2, and a 5′ Wave slide with Safe Landing zone.

It is made with G-SERIES Galvanized Steel Frame that comes with a 5 yr warranty on the Frame. I


Up to 5 kids can play at once while enjoying the FIREFLY LED Swings.

You need to grab this before they are gone. You can get the XDP Recreation FIREFLY Metal Swing Set for just $99.00 Here (prices may change at any time). Delivery is free too!


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My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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