A traveling mommy’s dream…

If only we could pack them in the checked luggage…


  1. Happy Campers says:

    Have FUN!!!!!

  2. girl why are you blogging on the day you leave? would you stop over achieving? put blog stedman on here, i need to talk to him.

    blog stedman, your wife is an OVER ACHIEVER. make her stop.

    ok, back to you HRH — thank you SO MUCH for putting that Elton John song in my head for the day “I’m leaving on a jet plane….” thank. you. so. much.

  3. How cute!!! I sure wish I could curl up and take a rest!

  4. It would be funny if you tried…. What would be even funnier is to see the look of the airport attendants as they scanned them in security!!!

  5. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Yay! I’m bummed that my invite got lost in the mail, but I guess there’s always next year!
    Hope you’re having FUN! Stay warm and don’t get hurt! No. More. Stitches.
    P.S. I want to know EXACTLY what you did with a 2 year old while on a ski vacation. I have questions. Thanks for being my guinea pig.

  6. Enjoy the snow! Will you be blogging on your vaca? Or taking a break from you fans?

  7. thanks to all well wishers.

    to Jodi–blog-Stedman says he has no control over my obsession and can’t make me stop

    I didn’t end up checking the children and we made it through security without a hitch.

    M2B–We have learned to bring along a grandma or other babysitter or else a vacation it is NOT! That is our secret…shhhh.

    Mo3–I am so proud that you got your picture posted–very cute and I will continue as I have time, but something…anything every day so I can keep up with 365.

    Thanks to all for putting up with me and my insanity!

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