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I have been blogging for 3 years and have had several occasions to meet bloggers in real life.

Every time has exceeded my expectations and created lifelong friendships, partnerships and just plain fun.

This weekend was like all those experiences on speed.   Mom 2.0 was my first conference and I feel like Julie Andrews spinning in the Alps.

*without the guitar*

It started with a road trip to Houston with Laurie (Tip Junkie) in an anti-minivan vehicle provided by Chevy.

We were talking so fast and furious that we ended up drowning out OnStar driving directions which resulted in multiple re-calls to OnStar.   We are pretty sure there was a collective sigh of relief in the OnStar information center when they saw that we finally reached our destination.

I knew Laurie and I were kindred spirits when we both ordered breakfast for lunch at a roadside Denny’s.

Laurie and I were rooming with Amy (Mom Spark),  Jyl (Mom It Forward),  Jenny (Jenny On the Spot), and Rachael (Today’s Mama) – not pictured.

 Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that.

But it does!  

Because the halls, conference rooms, bathrooms, restaurants, elevators and bar were FILLED with bloggers.   Bloggers who squealed in delight during introductions and hugged spontaneously.

I met several of my very favorite people in the world for the first time – Rachel, Cammie and Loralee.

As a cosmic sign of our bond, Cammie and I showed up on Friday for the conference DRESSED EXACTLY THE SAME…with NO prior arrangements.

Oh, and I declared my love for The Bloggess in person because who knows when that opportunity will arise again and it seemed slightly less creepy than my usual twitter declaration.

The Beet Jello was well received…if well is a relative term.



I really don’t think there is any question of my reigning chunky jello dominance.

The speakers were great.   The round table discussions engaging.   The access to really amazing, smart and influential people was incredible.  

There was a lot of talking, card exchanging and hugging.

But what I loved the most was all the laughing…


  1. Looks like you all had such an awesome time!! Are you going to BlogHer this year? I am! And I sure hope to meet you! Texas is just WAY too far to travel- must do NYC;)

    Glad you had fun. Who one the jello off?!? 🙂

  2. It was great meeting you! You are fabulous! And I’m grateful that I wasn’t anywhere near the awful jello. And that’s saying a lot because I LOVE mayonnaise.

  3. Here’s where it sucks to be a male. When I finally get to go to one of these conferences, NO ONE is gonna want to room with me.

    Hmmm… Maybe if I bring Jello…

  4. What a fabulous time, right? You provided the icing on the cake activity… or the mayonnaise concoction on the beet Jell-O activity, to be more specific… by providing such a fun way to connect. Seriously! Beet Jell-O? We’ll never forget that! You rock! And, we’ll take on the challenge and produce something amazing for you to try at http://evoconference.com this summer. Get ready, sister! The Jell-O off continues this June in Utah!

    But seriously… so fun rooming with you, meeting you, hugging you, and getting to know you. Can’t wait for our next conference encounter. Missing you all already! 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a great time! I’m thinking of going to a conference this year or next year. Trying to decide which one to go to. Any suggestions?

  6. It was great to see you ladies and I want to steal all of Laurie’s headbands. Also I am with Lauren I love Jello and Mayo but that sounded disgusting.

  7. Kind of ridiculous. It’s not enough that the bloggers have looks, smarts, and personality … then they choose to mob some poor place? Talk about leaving the average person feeling overwhelmed. I can only imagine that the staff where you landed was left dazed and confused and wondering what that was all about.

  8. Sounds like a ton of fun!

    When is a big bloggy conference going to come to DFW? Doesn’t the internet world know how many AWESOME bloggers live here? I mean, DFW to blogging is like Jersey Shore to tanning beds and hair gel! For realz!!!!

  9. This seems like an incredible event! And I love the fact you’ve met new life long friends. Just simply amazing!

  10. Bwaahaa!! Seriously, we had such a crazy good time. My boys were laughing so hard at that picture of me grossing out on the beat jello. They’ve seen that face many times.

    From moment we got into the Camaro to the moment I got out – I had the time of my life. I’m so lucky to have you so close to me. {{evil laugh}}

    Miss you already!

  11. Laughter…yes that is all you will do when you hang with Jenny. I’ve had the honor of knowing her for a few years now and I always leave her with a smile on my face.
    Maybe one day I will have enough money and time to spare to go on an excursion like this one. I’m sure I could learn alot.

  12. Sometimes laughs have this contagious effect on people. Excellent post!


    SO good to meet you, chicka! xo

  14. I want to hug the internet. This post makes me jealous. In a bad way.

  15. oh man that looks like BIG fun! I just put up another business 2 blogger giveaway 🙂

  16. I luuuuurve that pic of the We! I had SO much fun with you.

    And also, I didn’t know about the Camaro, and had I known… we’d have gone cruising in THE HOUSTONS. Not only am I quite the dancer, but I have gots cruisin’ SKILLZ.

  17. Glad I met you before I knew about the beet jello. I believe my face would have approximated Laurie’s! Um, I’m sure it is delicious though…

  18. How did I let you take that photo of me? I look worse than the Jello tastes!!!

    Thanks for making Mom 2.0 so much fun!!

  19. Moral of this story? Do not go to your room and take migraine medicine, put on a robe, and go out in *public*. Bloggers carry cameras, and they will take {and post} photos of you looking drunk.


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