Puma Has A New Rugrats Shoe Collection and We Need Them All

This summer, we are definitely enjoying all the 90s throwback fun, including the Rugrats reboot tv series. Who didn’t love Tommy, Angelica and all their friends?

But now, you can even show all your Rugrats love with awesome Rugrats Shoe Collection from Puma! With their awesome bright colors, we just might need all of them.

The collection is officially called the Puma Hoops X Rugrats collection, and features three different styles of shoes for both children and adults.

The Puma Court Rider basketball shoes are a bright turquoise blue with purple and green accents. These come in adult sizes and retail around $110, for all your 90s nostalgia moments.

Courtesy of Puma Hoops X Rugrats

For kids, there are two other options available–the Suede Sneakers in black with purple and turquoise accents for $40-55 and the Future Rider sneakers, a mix of turquoise, purple, and yellow, retail for $65. The fun colors definitely stand out in a sea of plain white or black shoes!

If you’re not sure about the shoes, Puma also has Rugrats hoodies, long and short sleeve shirts, and basketball shorts. No matter what episode or character you loved best, you can rep all your favorites. Personally, I’m a little partial to the Reptar hoodie.

Courtesy of Puma Hoops X Rugrats

All of the Puma Hoops x Rugrats collection items are available on the Puma website, but will likely sell out quickly.

You might need your gear even sooner for your 90s-filled summer.

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