You Can Get Your Kids A 3-Pound Container of Play-Doh That Comes With The Colors Smushed Together

Play-Doh. Oh, the fun and joy of making a colorful creation out of a moldable dough.

My kids almost NEVER keep the colors separated so I knew when I saw this 3-pound container of Play-Doh that comes with the colors smushed together, I had to get it for them.

This is called Play-Doh All Mixed Up and as you can see, it comes with tons of colors smushed into one giant can.

IT’S TIME TO RESHAPE THE RULES: Is your kid a Play-Doh compound mixer? Does it drive you crazy? Don’t freak out, but there’s something you should know: we already mixed these Play-Doh colors into 1 big can!

YOU JUST CAN’T STOP THE MIX: Why worry if the colors are pre-mixed anyway? Bright, fun shades like pink, blue, white, green, purple, and yellow beg to be squished and shaped into crazy cool creations

The best part is, this is ONE REALLY BIG 2.75 LB CAN!

With a whopping 44 ounces of modeling compound in 1 can, who cares if it’s multicolored! The clear can makes an eye-catching gift for kids and bigger Play-Doh fans

If your kids love Play-Doh (and who doesn’t?) you need to get this. It’d make the perfect gift or even be great for taking on road trips, to take camping, or anytime you need to keep your kids entertained.

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You can get the 3-Pound Play-Doh All Mixed Up Can on Amazon for $14.99 Here.

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