Dry cleaning and wet cats…

Here is a random picture from the fishing expedition…I don’t think I “caught” any of the jumping fish on film…

Blog-Stedman and I were laying in bed yesterday morning…very early…before yoga and heard on the radio that a dry cleaners had burned down. Blog-Stedman said, “that is our dry cleaners” and being the eternal, yet unsubstantiated optimist I replied, “oh, I am sure you heard wrong”. Nope! A quick internet search revealed that it was OUR dry cleaners and we had a LOT of clothes there…including the favorite sweater from the never ending minivan attack story. The delivery van always shows up at 1:30 in the afternoon so I just needed to wait until then to learn the fate of our clothes. I nearly hugged Tim, the driver when he showed up on time carrying plastic wrapped nirvana. Turns out that it was not the location that cleans our clothes, but the building did burn to the ground that employs 38 people (no one was hurt in the fire) and many, many people were not as lucky as I was to see their favorite sweater again.

Yeah! I am a finalist again this week in Mrs. Fussypant’s caption contest. Please vote for my quite insightful (as far as insights go in the cat therapy world) caption, “The ugly truth behind why cats hate water” here . Once again I am losing miserably to a blog-related comment…yes, dear reader I am learning slowly and next week will submit a caption that also will bring in the vote of the blog special interest group (BSIG). I am naming her as my future caption campaigning chairwoman due to her comments I should have listened to last week!.


  1. your life is a never ending saga of wonderment

  2. Ooh, I have a terrible habit of leaving things at the dry cleaners and only remembering when I want to wear something and can’t find it…then when I go to pick it up — oh look at all the stuff I had over here! Geez, I hope our dry cleaners never burns down. Of course, my second thought is…I’m sure this stuff is insured, and I could REALLY use a new wardrobe.

    I’ll go check out your little contest.

  3. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    I have needed to take clothes to the cleaners for over a month now. I think I’ll wait (ok, procrasinate) another week just in case there’s a dry cleaner arsonist running around the country.

    Good luck with the caption contest!

  4. spinning in our own direction says:

    OMG!!! there is never a dull moment with you!!

  5. Nap Warden says:

    Ugh, it seems I never make it to the cleaners. When I finally do, my stuff stays there forever…

  6. Love the fishing picture!

    Such drama in your house these days. Thank goodness for the delivery of the goods.

  7. A Mom Two Boys says:

    I shall take my duties very seriously, although apparently I suck, because you’re now kicking the A*s of the Blog related post. You’re behind the prison related post. What does that say about us wretched bloggers?!
    I voted for you again. What type of campaign manager doesn’t vote for their candidate?!
    Glad you’re sweater’s okay. I want to see some photographic evidence of this sweater. Maybe you can post that when you FINALLY give us a final stitches count?!

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