A fun pair of shoes definitely makes your day, and we’ve finally found fun shoes for both adults and kids!

While we adored these Toy Story themed sneakers, they were only in kid sizes. But the new New Balance Jolly Rancher sneakers? They come in grown up sizes too!

New Balance Jolly Rancher Sneakers
Credit @NewBalanceHoops on Instagram

Inspired by Kawhi Leonard, a basketball player for the L.A. Clippers, and his favorite childhood candy, the bright sneakers are a must-have no matter your size.


The New Balance Jolly Rancher sneakers are available in two colors. The multi-colored version inspired by the original flavors packages with pops of bright red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.


The blue raspberry design, inspired by Leonard’s favorite Jolly Rancher flavor, is exclusive to New Balance and Foot Locker family of stores and features a mostly blue shoe with yellow accents.


Both sets are even decorated with the Jolly Rancher characters, peeking out on the tongue of the shoe and on the sides.


Even if you don’t follow basketball, these bright colored shoes are definitely the cutest!

The whole collection is currently for sale on the New Balance website, ranging from $160 for adult shoes and $140 for kids.


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