I am quite amazed and the ideas people are coming up with to survive the insane weather that is happening in Texas and some other places.

While Texas was completely unprepared and not expecting this level of freezing temperatures, many people are using this time to get creative.

The newest idea I’ve seen is that Parents Are Giving Their Kids Baths Using Crawfish Pots and It’s Genius!

Now, if you’ve never seen a crawfish pot, it is HUGE! They are often 30-60 quarts!

So, you can imagine that a child up to age 10-11 depending on how big they are, could totally fit inside.


Parents are taking these large pots and putting snow inside and then boiling it to make the water warm (often using flames made from a fire or external heat source).


They are then letting the water cool to be warm and sticking their kids inside for baths. Smart, right?

You can even use this same technique for toilet water…

I have to say, living in Utah we are quite prepared for snow but I am saving all of these creative ideas just in case we are ever caught off guard with horrible weather.

Stay safe Texans and keep giving us your genius and creative life hacks!

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