Friday morning potluck…

Hey, I know potlucks are usually on Monday, but I am in a potluck mood and I am throwing a potluck because I can. I am just that powerful. I am just that in control. I am a woman on a mission. And I want a potluck.

I am going to contribute coke and peanuts because of her suggestion after reading this. I was further informed by Binky that she had a client who loved this but insisted the best way was out of a coke can. So, I am going to try it during the potluck and give you a report at the end (whoa, there is no way you are going to stop reading now…genius reader retention tactics…yeah, I’ll be writing a book soon). Let the potluck special Friday party edition begin…

Dear TLC,
The new morning schedule just isn’t working out for me. 5:30 am is too early for Peep, even in my house of early risers. Please re-schedule Peep into any slots between 6:30 and 8. High-5 and Wilbur should be cancelled because they are annoying. Thanks!

Do you remember those little chewable orange aspirin tablets that we had as children? Those were so yummy and their texture so unique.

I have been the mommy of high maintenance baby, whiny 4 y/o and super-sensitive, over-stimulated 6 y/o this week due to light colds. Wanna trade places?

My home-school group has jokingly suggested accompanying me on my big trip to the doctor for stitch removal today as an educational experience. I know those
girls and they weren’t kidding.

Ryan is currently getting drinking straws, cutting small holes in them and laughing when his brothers try to drink and it doesn’t work. Ya, he’s a regular Dennis the Menace. I am chalking this up to science education.

The coke and peanut verdict: yuck. It is DISTURBING to find peanuts in coke and the taste is gross. Thumbs down. I think it altered my creativity and may be responsible for the poor quality of this post.


  1. I don’t like the idea of peanuts in my soda either – Yuk! I loved the straw story – very funny. Have a good day. Kellan

  2. Happy Campers says:

    1. We love Hi5! And Hip Hop Harry. But we’re weird.

    2. Still waiting for picturs of stitch removal (and we’re all very dispointed we didn’t get to attend the actual procedure. Dang.).

    3. Peanuts & Coke. Gross. AND fries & chocolate shakes. Gross.

    4. I laughed when I pictured Ryan cutting holes in straws. You should teach him how to short sheet a bed. Or saran wrap a toilet. 🙂 My kinda kid.

  3. Hershey kisses in milk sound good…but peanuts in coke…ewwww!

  4. HC–I will cut you a little slack on Hi5 because Ryan likes it, but Hip Hop Harry? That, like the peanuts in coke is disturbing! And, I am keeping an eye on you around Ryan to make sure of what tricks you are teaching.

  5. I’ve often wondered about that. I only believe in Jack Daniels added to Coke. Hope your stitches removal goes well…

  6. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Oh, I can’t believe I didn’t think of making the Jack Daniel’s comment, like jck. I must be losing my touch. I am in agreement with you about the fries in a shake. Yummy.
    I have lots of tricks to teach Ryan, but I’ll have to ask that he not pass them on to my boys. Thanks.
    Did we ever get a final stitches count? I know the answer is no. That’s my passive way of asking you to tell us. :0)
    Oh, and thanks for the links love and did you shine your sink?

  7. The fact that I am 405 messages behind on FlyLady is showing because the sink has…gasp…a few rinsed (barely) dishes in it. She is probably going to revoke my daily email rights.

    I asked the surgeon casually, “so how many stitches did you do?” as he examined my head and he muttered “oh, I don’t know”. What! You don’t know, you did it…how am I going to explain it to the blogworld if you don’t even know? so I replied, “oh”. But, I took a peek and there were 4 regular stitches showing and a inch wide section in the middle that he had done all the stitches under the skin. Once again they covered me with steri-strips so no photo will do me justice. Sorry!

  8. Peanuts in coke??? Waaaay gross!!! Lynn’s Hershey kisses in milk, however, sounds much better and we both should know…that was our mom’s little insidious way of making sure we drank her beverage of choice for us. Mmmmmmm….

  9. How clever is Ryan?! I love it–he’s going to be such a joker.

    I don’t like coke but the thought of something solid in it makes me a little ill.

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