I know this is my third post today (and that is NOT why I need your help). I have a babysitter all day and am frittering it away…but you remember what happened last time I ventured out in the minivan alone.

I am one of the caption-writing finalists in Mrs. Fussypant’s contest this week. There is a poll on her website that I will give to you after I have primed you to vote in the correct manner:

My caption for this picture is (and it is so obviously the right one):

Escape from the Crafty Taxidermist–a tale of two stuffed birds that came to life and fled their craft store nest perched in a plastic ficus tree under faux painted sky.

The caption was too long to fit in the voting box so I am miserably losing. Please, rescue me…I can handle not winning, but coming in LAST would be tragic…

Vote here for my caption ONLY!

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  1. Well, that gives me fair reign to do the same.

    BTW, voted for you. Updating my blogroll which was in a SAD state of disrepair (or would that be a FAB state of disrepair because it was in such bad shape?). Regardless, adding you.

  2. I voted for you as well! But, it’s clearly blog nerds voting, cause the one winning is blog related! If cool blog people were voting, yours would totally win.

  3. Watch me Christine…I plan on milking it FOREVER…yeah, I’ll be on blog365 edition 2020 saying, “I know someone who can handle that…” THANKS!

  4. I’ve got your back…and everyone else, vote for her caption OR ELSE!

    How long do you think I can milk that one ;)?