I am all for genius ideas. Like some of the things people come up with, blows my mind!


Well, Nike is taking the sneaker game to the next level by offering hands-free sneakers!

While these at first may seem just like slip on shoes, these provide the full covering as a sneaker but offer support to those that need assistance putting on shoes!


These shoes are called Go Flyease and are Nike’s first pair of laceless shoes that are “easy on, easy off,” meaning they can be easily put on and taken off without using your hands.



They feature a unique and proprietary hinged design that leaves the shoe “open” until you step into it and snap the sole into place, closing it securely around your foot. To take it off, you just step on the heel to re-open the hinge.


Genius, right?

These new Nike GO FlyEase shoes will be available online to subscribers of its free membership on Feb. 15. A broader release will come sometime later this year.

You can also watch a video on them below.

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