You Can Visit A Whale Watching Museum That Is Shaped Like a Whale Fin and I’m Packing My Bags

If your kids love sea animals — especially whales — then they’re going to want to see this: a new whale watching museum in Norway.

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But what makes this museum even more unique is it’s design. Located on the island of Andoy, the museum (at least from a distance) looks like a whale fin coming out of the water.

While it’s oh so tempting to get up and go NOW to see this educational center and whale watching spot, hold up on packing your family’s bags. The museum doesn’t officially open to the public until 2023.

That said, this area of the world has long been known as a prime viewing spot for viewing whales nearly all year long.

In the summer months, whale watchers often spot sperm whales, among others. In the colder months, humpback whales as well as orcas are known to pass through the area.

So what can you expect once the whale watching museum is officially open to the public in a couple years? When travel will hopefully be the norm again?

Similar to other museums, it will be jam-packed with exhibits featuring local marine life. The difference: the whale theme is just about everywhere you look, from the store to the cafe.

And of course there’s the floor-to-ceiling windows that make the museum an ideal spot to look for whales migrating through the water.

So, who else is adding Norway and this whale watching museum to their bucket list?

Until we can travel there, you can follow along on the museum’s progress through their website and timeline here.

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