It is another week of, It’s Playtime.   Each Wednesday afternoon you join us in featuring sweet and simple things that inspire us to enjoy our kids.   Wowsers!   There were over 200 great ideas of activities and games that you can make and play with the kids in your life linked up last week.   We love homemade games and toys.

. lots of different homemade games for the kids to makeFun Homemade Games:

Super simple threading toy made from the rings from packing tape. A frame that you can build to help tots stack and thread. Create your own puzzle for the kids using toys from around the house. Create a city scape with blocks painted with chalkboard paint. Sidewalk Chalk Paint is a ton of fun! Here is a simple recipe so you can make your own. .

lots of different homemade toys

. Make a pair of stilts from an old tree trunk. Play with pots and pans – to experience noise. Such an easy game for the tots! Here is a massive collection of discovery bottle ideas. Have fun with playdough, there are a bunch of different recipes on this site. . Thanks for all the fun ideas!   Keep them coming!   By linking up you give us permission to feature your posts and an image on our blog, in our facebook wall, or in one of our pinterest boards (as always, giving credit to the blog!!).  

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  1. I love home made games and toys. It helps to encourage the kids to think about how to make it, how it fits together and what they’re wanting the game to do. Then they have the satisfaction of seeing the end result…. the satisfaction of knowing that they made it themselves, and then they can enjoy the game.

    Great ideas.

  2. Thank you for featuring our outline matching game! I’m loving the other game ideas as well!!!