2008: A brand new chance to drop the ball…

This is the anticipated picture (taken from below as it was hanging) of the ball dropped at my house.

We didn’t have the timing down as well as NYC, but they are 99 tries ahead of us. From all accounts it was a party-pleaser. I had so much fun with it I am thinking of instituting it as a regular part of the boys’ bedtime routine…countdown to 7:30…10, 9, 8, 7…there is nightly fanfare around bedtime that rivals New Year’s Eve parties around the globe.

I don’t usually write New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t usually keep New Year’s Resolutions. But, 2008 could be the year of my accountability to you, dear reader, and the random blog public. This blog could be used to improve my life, like a Tony Robbins seminar or a “The Secret” book. This blog could hold my feet to the fire and create consequences beyond the natural. This blog could be a window of opportunity and a door on which opportunity knocks (I have been told I make a better door than a window…does that have something to do with opportunity?) Because as blog-Stedman points out, “its not like you are making any money off that blog”, I say to you blog, “get with the program!” So in attempt to create some usefulness in this blog other than free therapy and the adrenaline rush of watching site stats, I give you my 2008 goals in measured precision befitting the “retired” PT I am. It is my little 2008 plan of care (POC):

1. “Grumpy Holly” may only make one appearance (no longer than 35 minutes twice that day) a calendar month. Unused minutes may not be saved or rolled over.
2. “Running on Empty Holly” is eliminated. Gas tank must be filled at 1/2 level 75% of the time with the remaining 25% utilized at no less than 1/4 full. Holly will go 365 days without seeing the glow of the gas light.
3. “Rachel Ray Holly” will provide her family a meal (the nutritious part is best suited for 2009 list…lets get realistic) 5/7 nights a week that doesn’t include some form of pizza (not excluding pizza buns, frozen pizza, delivery pizza, pizza on toast, pizza on a pita, pizza rolls, pizza bites, pizza on a bagel, or homemade pizza).
4. “Snazzy Holly” will emerge exponentially throughout 2008. Holly’s new clothing purchases will be thought-out, improve the overall wardrobe and decrease the appearance of any form of “mommy uniform”. Early in 2008 credit will be given for the current state of the wardrobe, but by year’s end frumpy credits will no longer be extended.
5. “HRH Holly” will blog daily to fulfill her obligation to 365. (Although this seems difficult, it will be a cinch compared to the numbers 1-4.)

OK blog, 2008 is your chance to justify your existence.


  1. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Awesome. The Ball & the NYR’s. I’m personally very pleased that you will be posting 365 days, which promises to provide me with something to read on a daily basis. The Newspaper, you ask? Not the same.
    Good luck with the rest of them. Just stick with Deceptively Delicious and you’re good to go with the cooking thing! Now, get to pureeing!

  2. Happy Campers says:

    I loved the ball! So creative!

  3. You are a very optimistic girl. Best of luck with your resolutions!

    Happy New Year.

    Love the ball too.

  4. Nice ball Holly, is that Gyno’s work?

  5. M2B–thanks for the kind thoughts and really the newspaper doesn’t have anything on me (except actual news and fact-checked information)! I am pulling out my DD book and all those frozen purees tomorrow…I promise.
    MO3–Hey…get a blog.

  6. Thanks for visiting me at Russian Mafia Babe! It has been fun finding all the new blogs through NaBloPoMo and 365. Love the countdown ball.
    Good luck with the cooking. My kids love, of all things, tofu, and miso soup with noodles is the easiest thing that everyone loves. Just miso paste, tofu, udon or other japanese noodles, and water. You can add frozen veggies too if they go for it, and you’ve got healthy, protein-rich dinner in the time it takes to boil water.

  7. Wow! I’m impressed by the ball. Snazzy Holly must have made that one!

  8. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    #3 and #4 are something that I’m going to try as well. #1 would last all of 5 minutes with me, but I’m willing to give it a try!

  9. is it 2008 already????

  10. I love the different Hollys. I gotta do something about the Grumpy Me, too. My 5yo thinks I hate her because of the ONE time in the day that I tell her to not bother while I’m on the computer.
    Thanks for stopping at my blog and for finding me.
    Will be back.


  11. That ball is ‘da bomb’!!! So cool!
    best of luck with your resoltuions!

  12. I have ball envy! You certainly have lofty goals for 2008. I will look forward to visiting your blog on a daily basis to see how the 365 is coming along:~)

  13. Loved the ball. And your goals. I’ve got to come up with mine. I’ve got to get on that cooking thing…too!

  14. That is one damn impressive ball!

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