IHOP Has A New Seasonal Menu and I Want To Try it All

The only thing better than pancakes are pancakes loaded with extra flavors and toppings. And there’s nothing that IHOP does better than pancakes, which is why I’m so excited for their new seasonal menu.

Source: IHOP

The IHOP seasonal menu has THREE new pancakes, and each and every one of them sounds oh so tasty (and oh so sweet).

First up: the pumpkin spice pancakes, which are made with, you guessed it, pumpkin and pumpkin spice. The tasty breakfast cakes are finished off with whipped topping.

Source: IHOP

Then there’s the Cinn-a-stack, which is a stack of buttermilk pancakes that comes with everything you’d expect from a cinnamon roll but in pancake form. Cinnamon spread, cream cheese icing, whipped topping – OH MY!

Source: IHOP

But the most exciting IHOP seasonal pancake? The milk ‘n cookies, which has OREO cookie pieces baked right in!

As if that doesn’t sound tasty enough, the milk ‘n cookies pancakes are also loaded up with vanilla sauce, sweet milk mousses, even more cookie pieces, as well as powdered sugar and sprinkles. It’s like a holiday gift for your mouth.

Just in case you need any more reason to try this sugary, seasonal menu, IHOP also offers the pancakes as side dishes, rather than a huge plate o’ pancakes. You know, just in case you don’t want to too much sugar in one seating.

Source: IHOP

Then again, the seasonal menu also includes a cookies n’ cream hot chocolate as well as more menu items for the kids!

The seasonal kids menu includes the Lil’ Kids combo (Milk ‘n cookie pancake, plus eggs and more) as well as Lil’ Cookie hot chocolate.

But the best part of all these tasty IHOP treats? You can order them online and get them delivered right to your door.

I now know what I’m serving for breakfast in the days leading up to Christmas!

Source: IHOP

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