You Can Get Baby Shark Ornaments And You Know Your Kids Will Love Them

It truly begins to feel like Christmas when we get the tree up and decorate it with lights and ornaments galore. Every year we put the kids in charge (mostly) of decorating the tree, and this year will be no different.

Source: Etsy/HentgesCraftsLLC

They adore ornaments of all kinds — including handmade ones — but I know they’d be especially excited for a new set of wooden Baby Shark ornaments. These ornaments are absolutely delightful!

But the best part of all with these Baby Shark ornaments? You can get them personalized, if you want, with a family member’s name and year.

Source: Etsy/HentgesCraftsLLC

The brightly-colored Baby Sharks are available in five colors: Baby in yellow, Mom in bright pink, Grandpa in green, Grandma in salmon, and Daddy in Blue.

Source: Etsy/HentgesCraftsLLC

Each flat wooden ornament is made with maple veneer wood and decorated only on the front, as the wooden back is unfinished. But that doesn’t matter, as long as the ornament is hung on the tree the correct way!

Source: Etsy/HentgesCraftsLLC

Each Baby Shark ornament is also three to four inches wide as well as three to four inches tall. In other words, the perfect size ornament.

In addition to choosing which color/shark you want each ornament to be during checkout, be sure to note what color 1/8″ ribbon you’d like in the “note” section as well. (If you don’t the Etsy shop makers will choose for you).

These are the ribbon color options available for the Baby Shark ornaments. Source: Etsy/HentgesCraftsLLC

Ready to celebrate Christmas with Baby Shark, or give the ornament as a gift this holiday season?

Etsy Shop Hentges Crafts LLC offers each not-personalized ornament for $11 each or each personalized ornament for $13. That price includes the ornament as well as the ribbon.

Source: Etsy/HentgesCraftsLLC

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