I think this year, out of all years, is the year to go all-out decorating for Christmas. There are no rules for what kind or how many decorations, make yourself happy!

The newest thing that is making me happy? These Grinch-inspired mini Christmas trees from Trader Joe’s.


Officially, they are called Cypress Grump Trees, but be it Grinch or be it Grump, they are the cutest little trees and I need one in my house.


These adorable little trees come in a 4 inch pot, covered with red burlap and green ribbon to make them extra festive. Each tree is wrapped in red ribbon, then topped with a weighted red and green ornament so they slump over in a very grinch-like fashion.


Grump trees can live indoors with proper watering, but can also be transplanted outside your home in certain climates. If so, you could have a 30 foot tall grump tree some day! They even smell like lemons, which seems to be a very grinch-like thing too.


These sweet little Grinch-inspired trees are available at Trader Joe’s for the holidays, with different locations having them priced at $7.99 or $8.99. Either way, they are definitely an adorable holiday decoration.


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