zumba classMy search for the perfect exercise for a non-exercise-lover like me continues (give me a book and I’m happy, but alas, reading is not exercise). I am basically of the belief that nothing is better than walking.   Except that sometimes you just can't walk.   And sometimes you want to do something besides walk. I’ve tried belly dancing.  It was okay, but my hips don’t move the way a belly dancers hips should move, and honestly, it wasn’t that great of a workout. So the search continued. There’s a cute dance studio nearby called Turning Pointe Dance Studio.   It’s  in the tiny little town of Bartonville, which if you blink as you drive by, you just might miss.  But Bartonville has this dance studio, and this dance studio is developing a Zumba class.  And Zumba, it turns out, is a much better workout than belly dancing!
She is Dallas info: Turning Pointe Dance Studio is located at 2650 Fm 407 E, Suite 110, Bartonville, TX 76226 & Phone: 940-241-2600 in Bartonville Town Center.     Turning Pointe has a full selection of dance classes starting with Mommy & Me, tap, ballet, jazz, and hip hop.   They also offer Yoga and Zumba exercise classes.   The adult exercise classes start at $55 a month.   Misa highly recommends speaking with Amy who owns the studio.
I ™ve done it two weeks in a row (note: I am cringing as I type because I ™M SORE!). The verdict? I like Zumba. Of course it also makes me feel as if I have no rhythm, and while the teacher sways and has a sexy swagger, I clomp and jerk and stomp.   But I have sexy sway aspirations and Zumba may just get me there. And I ™ll be burning calories and having fun at the same time.
zumba class at Turning Pointe
Fab Zumba instructor Elizabeth Wells
The other perk of Zumba at Turning Pointe is that it's a quaint and beautiful dance studio for girls… lots of pink and tutus and toe shoes.   Makes me feel like a girl again… till the fancy chachacha and box steps begin, anyway, then I just feel like a two-left-footed 44 year old non-dancer. Have you tried Zumba? What did you think?

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