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Do you ever wish there was an app that featured family-friendly programming and no commercials? With shows that you can watch with your tweens that isn’t cringe-worthy?

If so, you will be happy to know that you can download BYUtv FOR FREE on your phone, television, or computer. No more pre-screening shows to ensure they are appropriate for your tweens or lunging for the remote control to switch the channel. We watch BYUtv on our television after adding the channel to our Roku, but the kids can watch on their devices too by downloading the app.

About Dwight In Shining Armor

Dwight In Shining Armor

We spent time together as a family last week watching Dwight In Shining Armor while the kids were on fall break. We love the cast and storyline, and there was so much laughing. Season 4 has recently been released, and with all things witches and warlocks in the air right now, it’s the perfect series to watch together.

a family watching Dwight in Shining Armor on BYUtv

The Season 4 premiere aired on September 20th. Catch up on the previous three seasons, the first three episodes of season four, and then watch the remainder of season four live on Sunday nights at 8:30 ET (5:30 PT).

Dwight (Sloane Morgan Siegel), a modern-day teen, accidentally awakens ancient warrior Princess Gretta (Caitlin Carmichael) and hordes of her magical foes. Now he must protect his town against a wave of medieval witches, warlocks, warriors, and creatures, all while finding time to be a normal teenager. The suburbs will never be the same! The series also stars Joel McCreary as Baldric and Danielle Bisutti as Hexela.

Although we’ve only seen Dwight In Shining Armor, so far, we are looking forward to watching these shows too:

  • Malory Towers
  • All-Round Champion
  • Relative Race
  • Studio C
  • The Fixers

Have you seen Dwight In Shining Armor? Or, any of these other shows? We’d love for you to share your thoughts.

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