You Can Buy an M&M’s Haunted Castle Cookie Kit and Make a Halloween House

While you’re thinking about new tradition this Halloween, why not add in some fun and spooky edible decorations?

M&M's Haunted Castle Cookie Kit
Courtesy of Walmart

Christmas has all the fun with the idea of gingerbread houses, but that doesn’t mean Halloween can’t join in.

You can now buy a M&M’s Haunted Castle Cookie Kit. The kit lets you create and decorate an entire Haunted Halloween Cookie Castle right now!

This kit from M&Ms is available at Walmart and will let you and your kids design a haunted dwelling of your choice. And even better? The cookies are made out of chocolate. We always seem to have leftover gingerbread, but no one leaves chocolate cookies behind!

Like our favorite gingerbread kits, the M&M’s Haunted Castle Cookie Kit comes with pre-baked cookie walls. This makes assembling the house much easier. Also included are connector clips to help hold the walls together and white icing to act as glue. (If you run our, check out our Best Gingerbread House “Glue” recipe.)

M&M's Haunted Castle Cookie Kit
Courtesy of Walmart

The kit also comes with orange and purple powders to mix with the icing for decorating and plenty of M&Ms for accents. There are also spooky non-edible cardboard cutouts that can attach to the house with just a little bit more icing glue.

Courtesy of Walmart

The M&Ms Haunted Castle Cookie Kit is exclusively available at Walmart for $11.98. If you use the Walmart website, you can see which stores near you might have it in stock. If you are shopping, be sure to check the Halloween displays when doing your shopping.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re hoping to avoid the stores and have a kit to ship to your door, it’s Amazon to the rescue, with a similar M&Ms Haunted Shack Cookie Kit for $19.99.

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