Y’all – can I say y’all even if I live in Utah? If you need disinfectant wipes you will be so HAPPY to know that Costco has just restocked their wipes!


Now, before you make a mad dash on over to their website, you need to know that 1. you need a Costco membership to get them. 2. There is a limit 1 per membership. Not per order – PER MEMERSHIP.


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, yes, Costco’s Kirkland Brand Disinfectant Wipes are back in stock! Here’s how to get them:


Go over to Costco.com and login.

Go to this page (you can’t see it unless you are logged in). Now, you will see it say they are out of stock but it’s a lie.

Click on the Kirkland Signature Disinfecting Wipes and add 1 pack to your cart.


Hurry and check out!

The final price varies by your location but it does include shipping and handling. In my case, I paid about $19 including tax for a box of wipes which isn’t bad for something I NEED.

Hope you are able to score some of these! And you’re welcome in advance!

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